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Installing OS/2 Warp 4.52 in 2017

OS/2 on ThinkPads
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Re: Installing OS/2 Warp 4.52 in 2017

#31 Post by karotlopj » Fri May 14, 2021 1:08 pm

My advice would be to buy a caddy for your T42's CD bay and use a disk which has a FAT partition. If it's a Windows disk then reduce the Windows partition and create a small FAT partition. You should be able to access that from OS/2. I haven't personally used OS/2 in a while but know that thing can be done.

Another alternative if you have internet access is connect your T42 to your router, although I'm not sure of any browsers which would be available to you.
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Re: Installing OS/2 Warp 4.52 in 2017

#32 Post by micrex22 » Sat Dec 11, 2021 5:14 am

andromeda92 wrote:
Fri May 14, 2021 8:10 am
I have the same problem with os / 2 warp 4.52 on IBM T42, the usb is not recognized and an external usb floppy drive is not recognized either,
the legacy floppy box is checked, therefore impossible to install drivers.
any idea ?
Unless you have software for win xp or windows 10 that can read the hpfs system, in these cases you just have to remove the disk,
connect it using a 2.5 "44 pin usb adapter and copy the drivers on it.

i have copied all drivers on cd-rom and copied drivers from cd rom to disk, now all is ok, ati graphics drivers is installed and intel pro 1000 is installed
but tcpip not work, i have configured nameserver, ip addres, gateway, hostname ...
Unfortunately I have no experience with the native Intel driver on OS/2 (it could either be a problem with the driver or some other configuration). You may want to ask people on the OS/2 World forum who have more experience with that -- or just purchase ArcaOS.

With that said it's sort of sounding like you didn't configure TCP/IP in OS/2 -- if you're running vanilla 4.52 it DOES NOT just automatically configure itself to DHCP:
Reboot and no issues (and no annoying barrage of 'Press Enter / Press Enter / Press Enter'). Launching an OS/2 CMD window, ran netstat -a, got the following:
multicast addrs:

Well, it's definitely not responding to DHCP on the network since it's producing a loopback address! So... I did some quick googling, you need to launch the TCP/IP Configuration Notebook (tcpcfg2). A notebook? OS/2 you're so weird sometimes. Okay it was set to a MANUAL blank address, I flipped lan0 to 'enabled' and to use DHCP. And like Windows 95, OS/2 needs to reboot every time you make a network change. Surprising this persisted up to Merlin CP2. Now to wait for 3 minutes for the Broadcom NIC (I will have to investigate why that is, could be just how the driver operates *sigh*).

Haha, and yep. It's working now. Pulling up http://google.com looks hilarious being rendered in netscape 4.6 for OS/2. 90% of websites don't work except very basic ones, and even then they look weird because there's no CSS support, no transparent PNG support, etc. Unfortunately apple.com and thinkpads.com/forum cause netscape to catastrophically crash. But that's fine, we'll want to get WarpZilla set up soon.
And in my guide I mention this in step #4
#4 OS/2 Broadcom ethernet driver
Follow Broadcom's official instructions to add the driver files in MPTS Network Adapters and Protocol Services. Remove the following from OS/2's startup folder: Network Messaging. You will need to manually configure OS/2 to run TCP/IP on DHCP on eth0: TCP/IP Configuration found under system setup.

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