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FS: T530 i7 3630QM - 7 row- FHD - 8G - 60GB SSD

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FS: T530 i7 3630QM - 7 row- FHD - 8G - 60GB SSD

#1 Post by JimInside » Thu May 31, 2018 2:43 am

Some images but could provide more of course
-> http://ibb.co/kOik0y
-> http://ibb.co/fkq4tJ
Selling my T530 as I can't really utilize it's i7 good enough :p and i am used to carrying my x220 pretty much everywhere :lol:
I assume grade B would be right,palmrest had a hard time as the touchpad is too used and recently it started not working so i disabled it in BIOS.
Battery also is at ~40% of original capacity so,these two parts could use a change :)
You have to pay around 80 euros on eBay for the above parts new,if you want the machine very clean.I used it as a desktop replacement and it's cpu is really badass :lol: http://cpuboss.com/cpus/Intel-Core-i7-3 ... ntel-7500U
The EC was patched to support the 7 row classic keyboard (omg that chicklet thing :BAAAD!: ) and the keyboard is in pretty good shape.
i7 3630MQ
15.6 FHD Screen
60GB SSD Kingston
some nVidia NVS GPU (can check model if requested)
7 - row K/B of course :)
Shipping from: Greece , if you are in EU,there are no import fees ;) and the total cost is lower ofc
Laptop's thermal paste has been replaced with CM's mastergel maker last month.
Asking price:300Euros -OBO - through PayPal - for other payment methods,we can discuss it.
macOS Specific;
Currently the laptop is running macOS Sierra 10.12.6 and everything is working except for WiFi.I have a lot of hackintoshes so if you are buying the machine,we can discuss your options the problem basically is the WLAN whitelist,not allowing me to use one of the famous BCM4352 cards or even an atheros 9280 for OOB wifi (since BT is working.The BDC is a BT4 broadcom card.I have successfully used it with apple's keyboard and trackpad with no problems.Things like handoff should also work if wifi could be fixed.). Your only option to remove the whitelist is by disassembling the whole machine,and with an SPI flasher modifying the BIOS w/ the help of someone over bios-mods or following this guide i found a while ago http://photonicsguy.ca/projects/t530 but replacing the needed values of your card.If you feel brave enough :P i could send a compatible card at some extra cost.If though,you don't even care about macOS,or everything being compatible :lol: this whole paragraph isn't for you
Thanks for everyone checking this sale out!
Last thing,would consider trades with some x220,x230 or similar. :)

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Re: FS: T530 i7 3630QM - 7 row- FHD - 8G - 60GB SSD

#2 Post by vaggs » Fri Jun 01, 2018 6:34 am

I'm in Greece, Athens and I'm interested. PM for details?

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