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FS: T601F with Tuus motherboard and FlexView UXGA

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FS: T601F with Tuus motherboard and FlexView UXGA

#1 Post by tdot » Sat Oct 27, 2018 7:39 pm

Hey there,

I've finally decided to sell the T601F I've built - I mostly built it to compare to a highly modded T430 to decide on one as a work machine, but at the end of the day, the T430 benchmarks at over 5 times the performance of the T601F. I do however, greatly prefer the UXGA resolution, but I've made the decision to stick with the T430.

It's in quite decent condition (not perfect, but not bad either - the inside is great - pictures later) and was built from a 1600x1200 FlexView IPS T60p 2008-93U. I acquired a new Tuus motherboard (44C3924) and modified the chassis (and both Kapton taped the motherboard around exposed metal areas, and hit the exposed areas with a matching grey automotive spraypaint) and installed it.

Originally, I tried using the T60p fan inside the machine, but it doesn't quite fit right (they won't make proper contact with the GPU) and the thermals were terrible. I bought a proper T61p fan for the unit, and now the thermal performance is quite good for a T61 (details are in pictures).

It currently has Window 10 installed - but I would probably very much consider putting Windows 7 on this laptop. Win10 doesn't exactly run 'snappy' on these.

As for the primary specs, it has:

1600x1200 FlexView IPS
T9500 @ 2.60 GHz
8 GB DDR2 ram (new)
NVIDIA Quadro NVS 140M
500 GB HDD (from the T430, not new)
WiFi N card (from the T430)

There is a full device manager/cpu-z listing of all components in the pictures below.

Please note, there are NO PC Card/ExpressCard slots installed in this laptop. They differ between the T60/T61, and I didn't personally feel a need for them, therefore I didn't feel the need to buy one.

The WiFi N card installed in this laptop, is about half the length of the original A/G/B card that was in the laptop. I cut a strip of steel and screwed it in to hold the card down - doesn't look the best, but it's perfectly functional and serviceable (you can see it in the pics). I'm assuming you could also install an AC card with this. If you'd like me to include the original WiFi A/B/G card, just ask.

As far as anything actually 'damaged' (as opposed to normal scratches on the exterior), the only thing I've come across was a crack in the plastic on the palmrest. I carefully superglue it back together, and it's practically unnoticeable, but it's highlighted in a picture.

As for the battery, I doubt it's perfect, but it still holds a reasonable charge. It can run at least an hour with usage. Of course, I'm including the charger for the laptop as well.

As for the pictures, they're all here: WARNING for those who don't like large pictures, this link contains 10+ high res pictures

Asking $275 USD + shipping for the laptop.

Considering the T60p was 90, the Tuus motherboard is 130, and the RAM was 50, and considering the price of the fan/CPU and the included WiFi card and HDD borrowed from the T430, and the fact that I had to pay shipping on all these items individually, and build it, I think it's a reasonable price. If you don't agree, feel free to make an offer.

I'd much rather sell it here than on eBay to someone who has no idea what this laptop is.

As a note - if anyone really wants the PC Card slot, and isn't comfortable working on the unit on their own, and you're willing to pay for the laptop as well as a PC Card slot, I'm more than willing to install it before shipping it.

Any questions, just ask!

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Re: FS: T601F with Tuus motherboard and FlexView UXGA

#2 Post by didons » Sun Oct 28, 2018 6:00 pm

Do you ship to Italy?

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Re: FS: T601F with Tuus motherboard and FlexView UXGA

#3 Post by olex126 » Thu Nov 29, 2018 11:05 am

Hi Ryan.

You've got a PM from me as well.


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