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SOLD: X41 Tablet, X61, W700, T500

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SOLD: X41 Tablet, X61, W700, T500

#1 Post by sebileis » Fri Apr 19, 2019 1:02 am

Combining 2 previous posts into this one to have everything in one place, and adding 2 more machines I have for sale now. Downsizing my ThinkPad collection because I don't need them, need more money for other ThinkPad and personal projects, and am moving back home for the summer and want less to lug back. For sale are 4 great machines that all work well.

X41 Tablet [SOLD]
Pictures/Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/JNk96tB
Only signs of wear are some light scratches on the lid (because what ThinkPad doesn't have at least one sign of love), a small crack in the upper left corner of the keyboard bezel, and a light scratch in the screen. Display is a bit on the yellow side but that's to be expected with these old CCFL panels. Otherwise this thing is in rather amazing condition for its age and clearly did not get much use. The keyboard is practically brand new.
1.5 Ghz Pentium M CPU
1.5 GB RAM
Windows XP Tablet Edition 2005
Intel GMA
XGA AFFS display
8 Cell battery (should probably be replaced, lasts for only 20ish minutes tops)
45W IBM power adapter
Ultrabase Docking Station

X61 [SOLD]
Pictures/Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/E6Wv1OD
Core 2 Duo T7300 2.0 Ghz
Intel GMA
XGA screen (small pressure spot, see pictures)
8-cell Lenovo battery
65W Lenovo power adapter
Windows XP Professional product key

This machine is in decent shape, however there are some signs of wear and tear. The bottom casing has a small chunk taken out and is missing one of the rubber feet. Keyboard has some wear to it, and a few of the keys are from the British layout for some reason but is otherwise the USA layout and all of the keys are fully functional. And as noted, the screen has a small pressure spot and is a bit on the dim side (tis the nature of CCFLs). The machine is fully working and would make for a great project computer, either to restore, use for an X62 mod, or just to use it as it is! No OS is installed, but I have a couple drives around and could install Windows XP if the buyer wants. The battery still holds around a 2-3 hour charge last I checked, which is pretty good considering its age and how much power these old machines eat.

W700 [SOLD]
Pictures/Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/AE4cLFx
Wellp, it almost pains me to sell one of the more obscure ThinkPads in the lineup and by far the rarest in my collection, but it's for the better. I know plenty are out there who would love to have one of these so I'm selling mine! I'd like to put the money towards my dream machine (an LED-backlit FrankenPad T601) or maxing out my T530 by transforming it into a W530.

Core 2 Duo P8700
NVidia Quadro FX 2700M
500 GB Western Digital Black hard drive + caddy
1440x900 WXGA+ screen
Fingerprint Reader
Lenovo 170W power adapter
Lenovo 9-cell battery (about 50-65% of original charge, 2011 date code)
Windows Vista Business product key

Cosmetic notes:
Standard wear and tear. Some scratches on the rubberized lid. Palmrest is fairly worn (as indicated in pictures) and keyboard has some moderate wear. I put in a T60 keyboard since the original was one of the ones with god-awful flexing, so you get a decent upgrade! Numeric keypad has no visible wear. Part of the UltraBay eject mechanism is broken off (came that way when I bought it) but you can still get the drive out with ease, and the mechanism could be repaired if you had the time. One of the VGA screws is missing (I received it like that). Electronically, everything is fully functional. I just posted a video to YouTube about this baby if you need more proof! :P

T500 [SOLD]
Pictures/Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/80L5J5V
Just had the CPU fan, palmrest, and display cable replaced, and the screen was upgraded from the original 1280x800 to a much nicer 1680x1050 screen. Am considering keeping this for conversion to a W500 and another screen upgrade to a WUXGA panel, but may just get a W500 for that.
Core 2 Duo T9400
Intel GMA
160 GB hard drive
1680x1050 display
Aftermarket 6-cell battery
65W Lenovo Power Adapter
Fingerprint Reader

Pricing/trades and shipping:
X41 Tablet: $50 $40 plus shipping
X61: $30 $20 plus shipping
W700: Looking to get around $200 plus shipping for this beast. I think that's a fair price considering it is a lower-end configuration and it has some wear to it. Since this is one of the most modular ThinkPads ever, you can easily make this a higher-end unit by upgrading the CPU, GPU, screen, or palmrest. I was going to do this but ultimately didn't mainly due to lack of time/money.
T500: $80 plus shipping

I can lower the price if you don't want the RAM/storage/processor/etc included. I'll also reduce the price a tad if someone buys multiple machines. I take payments through Apple Pay, PayPal, or cash if meeting locally (Altoona or Pittsburgh, PA). Because of how rare and massive the W700 is, and because of how expensive shipping across the border is :( , I will not ship internationally. I will only ship in the continental U.S.

I'm open to reasonable offers and limited trades. I will do a partial trade + payment (which way the payment goes depends on the value of the item(s) in question) for one of the following:
-Boe Hydis LED UXGA HV150UX2-100 (this is the elusive LED AFFS display that can work with a T60 or T601 FrankenPad)...if you also have the modded cable/inverter for this display to work in the T60 then I will do an equal trade for the W700 or something along those lines.
-A known safe 4:3 T61 motherboard (FRU: 44C3924) made from late 2008 to 2012 with the revised NVS-140M GPU (so it won't fail)
-A W530 motherboard with the K2000M GPU, cooling assembly would be nice to have too
-A FHD/1440p kit for the T430/T420, apparently the FHD kits have been tested to work in the T/W530 for use with IPS screens. May also be looking to do the FHD mod in a T430s at some point since the i7-Intel HD variants have Thunderbolt, so you can entertain me with the -s FHD/1440p kits as well
-New or lightly worn 15" T40 series keyboard and 15" T42p cooling assembly

Who buys or trades is on a first-come, first-serve basis, and I will make sure any prospective buyers are aware of what's available. If a system is sold, it will be marked as such.

Last bumped by sebileis on Fri Apr 19, 2019 1:02 am.
W540+T450 TP i7-4800MQ K1100M 16 GB RAM 240GB SSD
FrankenPad T601 UXGA LED AFFS X9000 8 GB RAM 240GB SSD
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