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WTB (NYC)- T440p 90w AC adapter (45N0498)(or other genuine Lenovo slim tip charger)

Posted: Mon May 13, 2019 2:26 pm
by DucatiThumper
As you can see from my other thread, I purchased a charger that turned out to be not as advertised. A round tip charger that someone modded with a slim tip plug (not the sellers fault). Im planning on returning it but I need a charger quickly (T440p arriving this week without a charger).

My only request is that you put up an eBay ad for the charger and PM me a link. I dont have a Paypal account. eBay will let me use my credit card but process the payment to you via Paypal. I understand this will increase your asking price and Im okay with that in this bind.

If you are local to NYC, Id be willing to meetup and pay cash. Preferred method.

Thank you