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FS: Three Thinkpad X201s

Posted: Mon Jul 29, 2019 10:44 pm
by TheForgottenKing
I recently came into possession of four of Lenovo's Thinkpad X201s.

They all have the i7-640LM CPU, 4GB RAM, No HDD, and the 1440x900 screen.

All appear to be in good condition without any major cosmetic damage and all boot to BIOS. These models are essentially the best models you can get and still hold their own in 2019. The displays are 16:10 and though they are TN they look quite nice. These also act as a great base for the X210 mod. I can provide lots of pictures in a few days. These are a rarer model and do not pop up for sale as often.

Here are pictures provided by the seller:

I have two nine cell batteries and one six cell battery.

I am selling three of the X201s, one nine cell battery, and one six cell battery (I do not have the batteries yet, I will list the health later and change prices accordingly)

At the moment my pricing is as such:

X201s - 640LM, 4GB, 1440x900, fingerprint reader, no battery, no charger: $100

Upgrade to 8GB: $20 (may change)

Add 128GB SSD: $20

Six cell OEM battery: $10

Nine cell OEM battery: $20

90W OEM Charger: $10

X200 palmrest mod: $15

Other modifications: Post or PM me.

Note that one X201s has a minor pressure mark on the screen, I will subtract $10 from the sale for this one. Picture: ... -l1600.jpg

All batteries and chargers are used OEM parts.

Shipping to the United States is $13. I am willing to ship internationally, prices will vary but shipping to Europe should be around $60, $35 if you buy without a battery. PayPal G&S add +3%.

All prices are or best offer, I am open to anything reasonable. Multiple upgrades or purchases may result in cost savings!

Re: FS: Three Thinkpad X201s

Posted: Tue Jul 30, 2019 2:12 pm
by TheForgottenKing
Currently, two of the X201s have been reserved pending arrival and sale, along with both batteries. More batteries can be bought if needed. Upgrades are not limited. One X201s (the one with minor pressure mark) still is available, price is OBO, along with any upgrades wanted.

Re: FS: Three Thinkpad X201s

Posted: Wed Jul 31, 2019 8:24 pm
by TheForgottenKing
X201s 1: 9.5/10 condition (slight wear on the keyboard) SOLD
X201s 2: 8/10 (slight wear on keyboard and touchpad) Possibly traded to smug_smug_smug
X201s 3: 5/10 (wear on keyboard and touchpad, screen pressure mark, broken battery latch, wear to bottom case) STILL FOR SALE, will repair before selling, $70 OBO

Ba2ery 1: 9 cell, 95% SOLD
Battery 2: 6 cell, 35% SOLD (Possibly)

The third X201s is in bad shape but I plan on cleaning it up a bit before selling it. If you're interested in it PM me.