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FS: Thinkpad 710T : SOLD Thank you Thinkpads Forum

Posted: Sun Dec 29, 2019 3:36 pm
by larrie
Greetings To All,
I have, in wonderfully pristine condition an IBM Thinkpad 710T M/T 2523 S/N 97-0AA6 including the OEM power supply which checks out on the multimeter. The unit powers up on initial POST but appears to halt when detecting the HDD. I suspect that the HDD is in need of being replaced as it reports only a single little click and does not spin up. All ports and doors in perfect condition as is the onboard stylus pen and screen surface. The protective case is in equally good condition, all seams and velcro intact and no tears.
I rescued this unit from the recycling program at work, as I worked for IBM for a decade. I am located in Cambridge, Ontario.
No floppy drive,
Asking $125 USD. Will ship anywhere you like with verified Paypal address.

PM me with email for pics.

Re: FS: Thinkpad 710T

Posted: Wed Jan 08, 2020 8:49 am
by hwattys
Tried to PM...interested. Unclear what it any hardware it shares with the 730T, for which I have quite a few accessories but no machine,

Re: FS: Thinkpad 710T

Posted: Wed Jan 08, 2020 4:59 pm
by larrie
Happy New Year,
From an old IBM program for the tech guys EPRM (formerly PCINFO)
As you can see much is similar.

Specs Specifications (2524) 730TS
System Board | 75 MHz SL Enhanced Intel® 486DX4 processor
Main Memory | 4MB / 8MB (upgradable to 20MB / 24 MB)
Graphics | VGA video (640 dots by 480 dots)
THINKPAD 710T (2523)
Feature Description
Processor (MHz) 486SLC2 25-MHz
Bus Architecture AT Bus
Memory (Standard) 4MB RAM
Memory (Maximum) 12MB RAM
VGA Video 640 x 480 resolution
Support for 16 concurrent gray scales
Hard Drive 60MB (HDD model)
ThinkPad file card (TPF model)