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[WTB] - P/N: 01HX690 or T25 parts machine

Posted: Sat Jul 04, 2020 7:41 pm
by H-Atkinson

Im currently in the process of building my T26 frankenpad, and have had an issue with Encompass losing my shipment. I was able to reorder every part except for P/N: 01HX690 (power button cosmetic cover).

If anyone has one, used or new, or a dead/parts machine T25, I would be willing to buy either just this piece, or a whole dead machine if I have to. Id prefer to not butcher a working T25, and those are likely far to expensive regardless.

Name your price. For reference, I paid ~30 USD for a new one from Encompass before they lost my shipment. Willing to pay more since its obviously not available anywhere else now.