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FS (USA): T420s with Accessories

Posted: Tue Jul 28, 2020 9:52 pm
by lilbeastie
The laptop works perfectly and is in good condition with the
exception of some dents and a wobbly U key. It comes with 2
standard batteries (~1 hour for the old one, ~5 hours for the new
one), an ultrabay battery (~3 hours), a standard DVD/CD drive, and
an AC adapter.

Laptop specs:
- Dual Core i5 CPU
- 320GB HDD
- 14" 1080p LCD panel

Photos: ... index.html

There isn't an OS currently installed, but I've found it runs really
well with GNU Linux, OpenBSD, and Windows 7. If you would like me to
install an OS, I'd be happy to do so for no extra cost.

I'm asking 200 USD for the laptop. Feel free to PM me with any