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FS: HV150UX2-100 1600x1200 LED backlit LCD

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FS: HV150UX2-100 1600x1200 LED backlit LCD

#1 Post by zoltan87 » Thu Feb 04, 2021 7:48 pm

I have been contemplating this for a while, and decided to put up an ad here about my Hydis HV150UX2-100 LED backlit lcd screens. They are brand new, I bought three of these panels a couple of years ago, wanted to use them for my T601 Frankenpad project (and have a couple as spare ones left, as I knew stocks would dry up very soon). Long story short, I never got around using them, as I ended up LED modding the built in SXGA screens with dying ccfl backlights in both my T60 and T601 Frankenpads (I have a post about the conversion on this forum).
I also have a pretty bad eyesight, so the UXGA resolution would be a downgrade for me over the SXGA ones. So I would rather see these panels to go to people, who actually appreciate the higher pixel density.

The price for these panels is £160/lcd + shipping (I live in the UK, so overseas shipping would be probably way too expensive). This is roughly the price I paid for them back then, so won't be making profit on these, but also I am not going to sell them for a loss (and spend my time on the whole packaging and posting process). I looked around on eBay, I saw a couple of listings for ~£150 from China, not sure how reliable those are, but thought I will mention them.

Anyway, I will dig up these panels tomorrow and take a couple of pictures.

EDIT: forgot to say, this listing is only for the lcd, no inverter or modified cable that is needed are included.

EDIT2: I want to add some clarification to my listing:
I never had the chance to turn the LCDs on, as I never got around having the modified cable, that is required for these panels. But I bought them from a seller who turned every single panel on, to check if they worked, and the few panels that had dead pixels he sold at a discounted price (I remember I was contemplating of getting those, as they were quite a bit cheaper, but I am kind of a maximalist, so I ended up buying the pristine panels). So these panels have no dead pixels.
He had pictures about the brand new box that the panels came in, with all the LCDs, so he just opened them up for testing purposes.

I am flexible on courier options, if there is a preferred method/company let me know. Also payment should be Paypal (I wish personal pick up could work, unfortunately I realise chances are pretty much 0 for that).

I still hasn't had time to dig them up for pictures, but I should be able to do that tomorrow.

EDIT3: Here are the promised pictures:


Also I found a text file about my purchase in my Thinkpad modding folder, turns out I paid ~£160/lcd (not £180 as I initially remembered), so I will update my listing to reflect this. So I am selling them for £160 each + shipping.

EDIT4: one of them is gone now, so there are two still available.
Thinkpad T60, 15" Flexview, with mods (Xiphmont's LED mod, T500 heatsink, cpu undervolt, reinforced frame)
Thinkpad T601, 15" Flexview, with mods (Xiphmont's LED mod, T500 heatsink, cpu undervolt, reinforced frame)
Thinkpad X32
Thinkpad T22
NEC ProSpeed SX/20

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