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...give a girl a Thinkpad.

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...give a girl a Thinkpad.

#1 Post by portsample » Mon Aug 13, 2018 9:41 pm

T61, 14.1", X9000 2.8ghz, Intel GM965, 8gb RAM, 250gb SSD, 1tb SATA Ubay, openSuse 42.3/Win8
(2) T61, 14.1", T9500 2.6ghz, Intel GM965, 4gb RAM, 250gb SSD, openSuse 42.3/Win8 (spares)

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Re: ...give a girl a Thinkpad. (PICTURE WARNING) :o

#2 Post by Annecy » Mon Aug 13, 2018 10:23 pm

I was living/working (for a Dutch bank) in Europe ...
and voted ... by absentee ballot ... in Florida ...
in that election :eek: :SH!:

What were odds ... that a few votes ...
like my absentee ballot ...
could have decided a US Presidential election :?:

During the (Nov2000) "fracas" ... in Floridump ...
I told (some of) my Dutch office colleagues ... that ...
"I can't believe anything that happens ... anymore ..."

I reported to the US FBI ...
the "absentee ballot" irregularities ...
that I personally/directly experienced ... earlier in 2000 ...
when I was requesting my absentee ballot from Floridump ...

FORUM warning:
above picture WAY too big (705KB), tags removed.
Please read the Forum Rules, especially Section 5: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=14339
Ignoring this warning (or correction) by re-posting is NOT allowed!

In less than a year ...
those incredulous sentiments (above) were MORE than validated :SH!:

I did NOT return to the USA ... one time ... at all ...
I did not even "fly" ... again ... at all ...
between Feb2001 & Sept2014 :jhem:

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