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How to remap keys above numeric keyboard [Calc, (, ), Sleep] to [Home, End, PgUp, PgDown]

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How to remap keys above numeric keyboard [Calc, (, ), Sleep] to [Home, End, PgUp, PgDown]

#1 Post by DarJut » Sun Jun 06, 2021 5:47 am

I've got P72 and it made me very frustrated because of its keyboard.
I'm used to have some important keys (Home, End, PgUp, PgDown) above numeric keyboard. And this is not only question of my comfort but something deep in my muscle memory. I make permanent errors editing text, my fingers are trying to find keys in places where are other keys.

In P72 there are (Calc, (, ), Sleep) buttons above numeric keyboard.
I thought it will be easy to replace definition of particular keys using dedicated software (i.e. SharpKeys, PowerToys, AutoHotKeys) but unpleasant surprise awaited me after purchase.
In P72 these keys works only when some additional driver named "Hotkey Features Integration" is installed.
But this driver do something strange with keyboard events and as result pressing keys Calc and Sleep is not recognized as "key press" but just executes calculator or turns off laptop.
I other words, this driver handles keyboard events and translate it to other events - and because of this operating system doesn't know anything about key pressing, and also any program cannot remap keys.

I was looking for a solution but I didn't find any.
There are some entries in registry which looks like configuration for driver keys translation but I'm afraid of changing it without any knowledge about result (and it is hopeless trying to find solution using trial and error method).
I've also found that some keyboard features (i.e. Fn-Ctrl swap) can be set in BIOS, but these options are limited. I haven't found any BIOS mods with additional features.

In this forum I've read many post about modding keyboards to "7 row", modding BIOS, but none about changing behaviour of modern keyboards.
It is a little bit strange - because new layout is introduced in most new thinkapads (not only in my P72) and I could expect that not only me would have possibility to do some customisation.
Lenovo doesn't offer any tool to customize keys above numpad, but I hope there are some some unofficial solutions.

Is there any way to fix this behaviour of thinkpad keyboard (using some modified BIOS, modified hotkey driver or changing keyboard driver configuration in registry or maybe handling keyboard hardware events before driver)?

PS. Ironically, Lenovo Legion 5 (gaming laptop) has keyboard with keyboard layout exactly I need (but without some other important features i.e. TPM module, 4K screen, e.t.c.)

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