Kensington ClickSafe Lock - Hard to unlock?

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Is removing the ClickSafe Lock difficult?

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Kensington ClickSafe Lock - Hard to unlock?

#1 Post by Lucky#Slevin » Mon Mar 20, 2017 12:16 pm

Hello everybody,

I recently bought this Kensington Lock where you secure a little anchor to the lock slot on the laptop and then push the lock onto the anchor to secure it. To remove the lock you turn the key and pull the lock off.

My lock provides a lot more resistance to being pulled off the anchor than it should (in my opinion). Because of that I started searching for video reviews and found this YouTube Video, where you can see the process of the lock being pulled off the anchor. To me it seems that this goes quite easily, without much force. That is the reason why I returned the lock for a new one (Amazon), which I promptly received, but it showed the same difficulty in removing it.

Now I am not sure whether I am expecting too much from this lock, or whether I just had bad luck and received two bad locks in a row.

Does anyone have this lock? Could you please provide your opinion on how hard it is to remove? Should I try and exchange the lock one more time with Amazon or should I accept the fact that there is no satisfactory lock out there?
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