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Any high quality new thinkpads out there?

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Any high quality new thinkpads out there?

#1 Post by mattbiernat » Tue Oct 24, 2017 9:54 am

So I ordered x270. Probably a little prematurely as I read a bunch of reviews about the following issues:
- poor IPS quality with bleeding
- keyboard flex
- overheating

It’s arriving this week, I will probably open it to see if any of the above are true in this particular unit. Otherwise I will return it.

So my question is...

Is there any new thinkpad out there that would meet the following requirements for me:
- screen without bleeding
- hinge that prevents screen wobble
- no flexing on the keyboard
- good Linux support

So far I looked at:
1) x270
- obviously has some of these issues

2) T470s
- better IPS screen
- screen wobble effect as per notebook check so completely out of the question

3) P51
- better IPS screen
- minimal screen bleeding
- no report of hinge to screen wobble

4) A series
- very few reviews still since it’s new but looks to be same as T series chassis with AMD processor.

5) L and E series are budget options so I didn’t consider them

I went to Apple Store, Microsoft Store and Best Buy to check out some other options out there.

6) Yoga 910
- sturdy hinge
- good screen
- poor Linux support

7) Alienware
- meets all criteria but looks more like a toy than laptop
- unknown Linux support

8) MacBook Air/Macbook
- loose hinge

9) MacBook Pro
- meets most criteria (good hinge, good screen)
- poor Linux support

10) XPS 13
- meets all criteria but is know for horrendous hardware quality with multiple complaints of units breaking down not working out of the box

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