Wake up after suspend problem on T41 with new SSD on IDE2SATA controller

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Wake up after suspend problem on T41 with new SSD on IDE2SATA controller

#1 Post by Mac-Chatter » Sat Mar 04, 2017 6:10 am

Dear vintage friends,

I own a second hand company T41 with WinXP Pro and some good software installed. All properly licensed but no disks (No option for WIN 7). I exchanged my HDD with a SATA-SSD on a SATA2IDE adaptor. I cloned the old HDD with Acronis. With help of this forum I overcame an UDMA2 issue and reached enhanced IDE speeds ~80MB/s by updating BIOS and Enabler to recent versions. I installed a TP-Link WLAN with no-1802 patch.

Last troublesome matter is, that I cannot wake up my T41 from "Suspend to RAM" (FN/F4) and/or "Suspend to Disk".

1. Doing "Supend to RAM" the sreen gets dark, there is a short beep and the moon-icon lites up. After wake up, means pressing the POWER button the T41 seems to start, the activity light next to the battery icon comes up, the cooler fan starts, but the screen remains dark. Observing the T41's HDD icon there is no single flash visible means the system does not (try to) access the SSD.

2. Doing "Suspend to Disk" I can see the Windows bar and the flashing HDD indicator, that the system writes RAM to disk. Doing the wake up the Windows bar which indicates the reading of the hybernation file goes from left to right. In parallel the HDD icon is flashing. Finally a beep sound occurs and that's it. The screen freezes with the completed hibernation file reading bar.

With my former mechanical HDD both Suspend modes worked.

Do you have any ideas where to look for?

(Please don’t discuss the sense or nonsense of suspend modes)

Thanks for reading and feedback, Mac-Chatter
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