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Recommended mSATA-to-PATA adapter for use in T4x?

T4x series specific matters only
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Recommended mSATA-to-PATA adapter for use in T4x?

#1 Post by karotlopj » Sat Jul 01, 2017 6:05 am

Having read the sticky thread about using SSDs to speed up T4x's I had a look to see what was available...

Amazon have quite a few but the price range is significant... Anyone have any comments on this one: https://www.amazon.co.uk/JaneDream-Powe ... ta+adapter

or could you suggest a better one?

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Re: Recommended mSATA-to-PATA adapter for use in T4x?

#2 Post by Johan » Sat Jul 01, 2017 6:41 am

You don't say in what specific "T4x" you wish to install a mSATA SSD, and you also don't say what OS you intend to run? If you have however really read the "T4x-SATA-sticky" at the top of this forum (GUIDE: Make your T4x *FAST* by replacing the HDD with a SSD!"), and if you have also read the threads linked to therein, then you will know that T43/p's are different from T40/T41/T42/p's when it somes to which SATA SSD's that will work, and which adapters that will work etc.

If you have a T40/T41/T42(/p), then is is my recommendation that you (and without any discussion!) should get this one. It is the one particularly discussed in the thread New SSD opt. for T4x: mSATA-to-IDE adapter ST663FD9 *PICS* which has been sold under the names Lycom/Addonics/Aleratec/DeLock/Kuroutoshikou etc.

A list of all the mSATA SSD's which have been successfully used in T4x/p's with that adapter is found in this post which I have kept continuously updated.

If you can find the Lycom/Addonics/Aleratec/DeLock/Kuroutoshikou (and now apparently also "LINDY"!?!) mSATA-to-IDE adapter cheaper elsewhere, compared to the Amazon-link above, then fine - but personally I absolutely wouldn't get any other brand just to save a few bucks, since the Lycom/Addonics/Aleratec/DeLock/Kuroutoshikou/LINDY has proved to work perfectly in e.g. T42/p's.

Update: By a simple and quick Google search I jsut found with no effort that the Lycom-branded version of this adapter (designated ST-173-7) is cheaply available in England; see this site. Now you're all set, and there's no reason to ask anything else, just go and buy it. If you wish, you can try search for the alternative (identical) versions of this adapter... e.g. the "DeLock 62495" is available from a number of dealers in Europe, and at similar (or lower) cost.

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Re: Recommended mSATA-to-PATA adapter for use in T4x?

#3 Post by Mac-Chatter » Wed Nov 22, 2017 3:05 pm

I use a super duper low budget chinese msata=>IDE converter. You may give it a try since the DeLock adaptor ist somewhat expensive. The problems I had and discussed also in this forum seem to be related to the WLAN card I exchanged together with the HDD.

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