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Simple Thanks and intrduction

T4x series specific matters only
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Simple Thanks and intrduction

#1 Post by 5p33d0 » Mon Sep 15, 2008 11:58 pm

Just want to thank both the questioners and the experts here for this valuable resource.
I got a 14.1" T40 2373 - 2u2 for practically free a while back. used it as an Ubuntu machine to play with.
In the last few weeks i have overhauled it all thanks to this forum.
My T40 rags to riches Story
from bare-bones:
1.3 ghz banias
40gb hd :P
512 ram
No wifi.
standard old battery with ~1 hour charge
No OS of any kind
Cost 150$

To my lecture warroir for school:
1.7 ghz dothan cost 25$ shipped (ask me where if u want)
2 ghz ram - had a 1gb from a g4 macbook lol and bought the other 1gb for 40$
80gb 5400 rpm hd - free - good for now.
- I have a 60gb 7500 rpm hitachi- should i switch?
Extended battery - 5 hours lol. - 85$ (ask me where if u want)
D-link wireless b/g PC-Card
Still the DVD-rom
OS: Win XP SP3
Upgrade total cost: $ 150 :D

So whats next?
- I want to explore getting a wireless N miniPCI. Do the 1802 hack.
- Ultrabay battery? Is this worth it?
- Re-paint the top lid: Has anyone restored their rubbery finish?
- if so what paint did you use?

Anyone else have suggestions?

Thanks :)

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Moderator Emeritus
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#2 Post by Harryc » Tue Sep 16, 2008 3:44 am

Welcome to the forum. Only you can decide if you need the extra juice from an Ultrabay battery. You should be aware that the main battery drains first, and there is no way to change that order of draining. That might not mean much to you right now, but down the road it has an impact to the life of the main battery due to always being drained and recharged. (# of cycles)
I've never sen a paint, spray, or other material that will refinish the factory rubbery surface on a Thinkpad lid. I have seen paint jobs though ...
http://www.metalfaceplates.com/other/sh ... hop-32.jpg
I have also seen lid 'skins' on EBay. Nothing more than large vinyl (or similar material) stickers really.

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Re: Simple Thanks and intrduction

#3 Post by DaveG11th » Tue Sep 16, 2008 4:52 am

5p33d0 wrote:....
- Re-paint the top lid: Has anyone restored their rubbery finish?
- if so what paint did you use?

Anyone else have suggestions?
Found this via Google from a Thinkpads mailing list (I'm assuming George used black Plasti Dip -- haven't tried this, but the right paint would help the PVC plastisol Plasti Dip adhere, as would overall roughening using 400 wetordry sanding):
From: Colgrove, George
Date: Mon Nov 03 2003 - 08:49:21 EST

I've been having to do some "body work" on a TP 760EL for my mother in law's
box. I used an Epoxy putty to reform a wall that cracked out in the display
cover. After I used sandpaper to smooth out the surface. But here was my
problem, how to cover it. I first tried some flat black paint, but it just
did not look great. I remembered someone saying that they used Plasti-dip
from Performix or this purpose. So I tried painting it on. Not only were
there streaks, but after it dried, it pealed off easily. I then thinned it
out with some Naphtha and sprayed it on using my testors modeling spray gun.
After applying a couple coats, the texture and color was dead on. But it
was very rubbery and also pealed off easily. So once again I pealed it all
off. This time I mixed the Plasti-Dip with some flat black enamel paint
(with about a two to one ratio Plasti-Dip to Enamel). Again I thinned the
mixture with Naphtha and tried again. This time the finished product had a
firmer hold and was smoother to the touch. Still a little more rubbery than
the original TP coating, but it was a lot closer. I haven't tried it, but I
suspect that a 50-50 mixture of the Plasti-Dip with Flat Black Enamel would
do the trick. The reason I used Naphtha is because it was recommended by
Perfomix for thinning Plasti-Dip. It seemed to perform well in allowing
multiple thin coats to build up without dripping. It evaporates quickly.

My summary is this:
Mixture should be as following:
1 Part Plasti-Dip
1 Part Flat Black Enamel
2 Parts Naphtha

Place mixture in a bottle and connect the nozzle, hoses and any other part
of the spraying mechanisms. Apply propellant source.

Test and adjust sprayer so that it does not spit out drops.

Spray on a minimum of five light coats on the surface to be painted. Let
each coat dry to the touch (about 15 minutes each)

In spraying, use the overspray method in a back and forth motion. Never
start the spray on the surface you are covering as this will cause dripping.

When taping off an area, be sure to use care in removing the tape. The
paint may tend to peal as the tape is removed.
Note from Admin: Removed George's e-mail address.

T42 2373-K1U / 1GB RAM / 60GBHDD / WiFi / Bluetooth / XP Pro

Desktop: IBM Intellistation 6850-22U / dual Xeon 2GHz / 2 GB RAM / 4 SCSI 10K rpm HDD / XP Pro

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#4 Post by poshgeordie » Tue Sep 16, 2008 6:02 am

To 'refurbish' the rubber finish, remove old sticky labels etc, I simply use methylated spirits.
Soak the labels and sticky bits by pressing gently without rubbing with a well meths-soaked cloth.
Once the label softens, GENTLY rub or CAREFULLY use a metal edge (steel ruler) to scrape off the label. Make sure you are not taking chunks of rubber off the surface.
After that it's a question of soak / rub to remove the label stuff. Note that too much rubbing will leave a slightly different texture to the surface

To bring back that 'new' look, meths soaked cloth and firmish rubbing all over the surface - use circular motions to prevent a streaky finish.

I guess what the meths is doing is to slightly soften the rubber surface, so doing this could well remove the surface too, so be very careful and be aware of the risks.

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#5 Post by 5p33d0 » Tue Sep 16, 2008 6:57 am

Thanks for the links about the paint
I was thinking along the lines of car trim paint.
My VW has a "soft touch" rubberized paint finish on the plastic bits of the interior.
This paint can be bought. However i do not now what the end result will look.
Maybe some one here knows what this stuff does. is usually called Trim paint.
http://www.anthonythomas.com/garage/for ... ad.php?t=6

Thats a bummer about the Ultrabay. it really does serve a back up battery rather then a companion.

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Senior Member
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#6 Post by sparta.rising » Tue Sep 16, 2008 9:38 am

That paint as a satin finish and doesn't look like it has the right texture. Based on the trim the used it on, it would still have a rubber feel, but it would be smoother/slipperier

Thanks for the post, I want to try that out!
Z61t - C2D 2GHz CPU - 3GB RAM - 320GB HDD - 14.1" WXGA+ - Intel 950 - Travel Bezel

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Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

#7 Post by 5p33d0 » Wed Sep 17, 2008 12:29 pm

:) i am aware of the satin finish
this link : http://www.autogeek.net/wufltrpa.html
is a flexible paint. with satin finish.

what if one was to use a fine grit sandpaper? or an electronic buffer to roughen it up?

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