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Investigating T410s screen problems.

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Investigating T410s screen problems.

#1 Post by TPFanatic » Wed Jan 17, 2018 11:08 am

The T400s and T410s use a rare LCD, a 14.1" 2 channel 6 bit LCD with a proprietary connector and pinout. It is a similar design to the HD+ panels used in T420/s and T430/s with a control board below the active area. Apparently a multitouch panel option was also available.

T400s and T410s are notorious for the MIGR-76367 vertical band problem as this video shows in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rM9_ZM_8qkQ

Image Image

It is impossible to see in my pictures, but these two screens are significantly different in person. The left screen (with MIGR-76367) is brighter, has better color accuracy, and better horizontal viewing angles. The right screen (without MIGR-76367) has worse contrast, a blue-green tint, and worse horizontal viewing angles.

For some reason I thought the vertical bands issue was isolated to the TMD-Toshiba LT141DE18B00, so I was disconcerted to open up the left T410s specimen with MIGR-76367 to find a Samsung icon on the LCD. I thought a bit that this could be a misapplied sticker, that it was applied by Lenovo, the company who put Panasonic FRUs on Sanyo batteries and NMB FRUs on Chicony keyboards. I also considered that Samsung historically makes dull screens. Turns out I shouldn't stereotype.

Actually digging them out | a ridiculously easy process that only requires removing two screws and the front bezel, after which the LCD just comes out with no screws attached | out reveals that the left screen with superior colors, contrast, and MIGR-76367 is a Samsung LTN141BT08-003 FRU 04W0433, and the right screen without MIGR-76367 but with crappy color and contrast is a Toshiba LT141DEQ8B00.

From this, I discover that it is the Samsung that is susceptible to MIGR-76367 and the Toshiba just sucks. What this really means is a larger sample size is needed to determine if MIGR-76367 only affects Samsungs, or if it affects both Samsungs and Toshibas, because I would like to replace the LCDs in both these laptops but not with time bombs. Like the T61 Nvidia bug, MIGR-76367 just seems to happen with time. It was an issue prevalent enough for Lenovo to release some writeups that have since disappeared from there website, which is a shame. Used Samsung LTN141BT08 002 and 003 variants are 60% the cost of the Toshibas on eBay and they are all ridiculously expensive.

A T420/s or T430/s HD+ cannot be put into the T410s because the T410s LCD cable is a different pinout. Swapping panels between T410s and the other 14.1" CS09 T-series blows up their fuses, in case you were wondering how viewtopic.php?f=45&t=125198 happened...

Identifying differences in Samsung and Toshiba LCDs:

Image Image

Samsung LCD

- Large sticker
- Black sticker over descending control board
- Green PCB
- Good colors, contrast, viewing angles.

Image Image

Toshiba LCD

- Small sticker
- Clear sticker over lower control board
- Blue PCB
- Crappy colors, contrast, viewing angles.
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