UPDATE: Updating bios on thinkcentre 57 is a exercise in frustration.

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UPDATE: Updating bios on thinkcentre 57 is a exercise in frustration.

#1 Post by thinkpadcollection » Fri Apr 28, 2017 1:51 am

UPDATE: Anyone with thinkcentre computers, storing CMOS settings is little different from other computers is most of settings is kept if saved and exit only kept most of settings. Except to do this properly and complete, has to save *custom* settings first then save and exit will keep complete settings permanently if power plug is lost especially the hard drive boot order.

D/L'ed various files for bios updates and all of them did not work on win 7 even 32bit. Then my brain was not in gear when I realized only thing is good needs XP to finish this BIOS update what worse, also did not realize I had to turn off AHCI! Heh. This is a C2D with C2Q capable box due to 280W PSU in a SFF chassis which is a remarkable thing. But why should be XP just to update BIOS? One more thing, I do not simply want to head out and purchase more CDR/DVD discs, they are considered obsolete unless I needed to and been doing fine without one for few years now. This is Q35 chipset, SATA with AHCI and supports win 7 best.

I was trying to do this to update the microcode via BIOS update in order E8600 get working without error. Succeeded. Was E6550 2.33Ghz in it and 80GB based on 160GB platform, both will not cut the mustard, so donated hard drive 500GB from my pile. Now 8GB, came to us without any ram and I sold mine to raise some money anyway and I have other computers to play with so don't have to miss the 8GB for awhile and put in my low profile video card instead of integrated video with incompatible DVI-D, most use DVI-A this does now. That new thinkcentre configuration almost emulates my outgoing optiplex 780. What all the fuss is this friend's son person brought it to me to fix this thing up.

What a circus. :(

PS: I noticed all the particular sources did not update any computer types to latest BIOS version which is a requirement for any reason.

Cheers, thinkpadcollection

PS: I did not realize my optiplex 780 minitower had 255W PSU running almost full configuration, PCI-E video card (was HD3650 DDR2 512MB then HD5670 GDDR5 512MB that stat was checked via utility) without power connector, Pro/1000 PT x1 PCI-E, 2x 3.5" and C2D 3.33, 16GB running DDR3-1066. Fortunately I do have 305W from a GX620 MT if needed.

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