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IBM PS/2 Model 50 Z and more (From a former IBM employee)

IBM or Lenovo Desktops, Workstations, ThinkStations, etc. Recent vintage, hardware/software..
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IBM PS/2 Model 50 Z and more (From a former IBM employee)

#1 Post by Shredder11 » Wed Jul 31, 2019 2:14 pm

I came across this recent YouTube video and thought people might enjoy it. The first 20mins is spent showing a few glossy brochures of IBM history, with some great old photos. The internals of the machine are shown next, and finally the system is powered up and demonstrated.

IBM PS/2 Model 50 Z and more (From a former IBM employee) 1 hour 13 mins 50 secs

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Re: IBM PS/2 Model 50 Z and more (From a former IBM employee)

#2 Post by cadillacmike68 » Sat May 30, 2020 9:28 pm

When I was at that giant NYC ins co, I got the latest and greatest at the time, PS/2 model 77 with the 486DX2-66. I don't think it had an optical drive though.

Later when I worked for IBM (mid 90s-2002 we got sold to ATT then) I got into ThinkPads and that was the end of that. Started with a 380 & 760, then on to T22 and after I left I bought some for myself, T21, T22, T30, T61..... Used T40 series at some Army Logistics college / university too.
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