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Lenovo Thinkpad SK-8845 keyboard, not IBM?

IBM or Lenovo Desktops, Workstations, ThinkStations, etc. Recent vintage, hardware/software..
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Lenovo Thinkpad SK-8845 keyboard, not IBM?

#1 Post by Nicci00 » Wed Nov 18, 2020 2:47 pm

I'm looking at a ThinkPad SK-8845 Keyboard in Ebay, some seem to have popped up in the last few months, and happily there's one with the Latin American layout (the one I'm used to). But I find curious that they are branded Lenovo (with the modern, post-2015 redesigned logo even) instead of IBM, despite looking quite like a T4* era keyboard, with no Windows keys. What's the deal with them? Are they good, comparable to T420 or T61 keyboards? I remember reading about them in /g/'s /tpg/ (not the most reputable place :mrgreen:) that they are keyboards meant for servers and stuff, that go in the kind of crash cart you usually see being pulled along server farm rows, and such industrial products are usually in production for much longer than consumer/business grade products like Thinkpads.

To be honest I have a T43 and I don't really like the keyboard, I think it's probably the poorest Thinkpad keyboard I've tried (after my P1... :roll: ). I want to buy it, but I'm sorta strapped on cash after a big car repair bill, so if it's a bad feeling keyboard, or not quality made, I think I'm going to skip it.

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Re: Lenovo Thinkpad SK-8845 keyboard, not IBM?

#2 Post by dr_st » Thu Nov 19, 2020 2:55 am

When Lenovo bought the brand, they did not immediately stop producing parts that were in production then. So it's not uncommon to see the same part, accessory, or even laptop - sometimes with IBM logo, sometimes with Lenovo logo.

Regarding the T43 keyboard - I guess that depends on what kind you have (there were 3 manufacturers - Alps, Chicony and NMB), and why you don't like it. Generally I love my T42 keyboard (it's an NMB) for being very firm and giving great feedback, but maybe some don't like it.
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