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ATI Tray Tools and Thinkpad software conflict

Posted: Fri Apr 06, 2012 12:13 pm
by mcsound
Just a quick note for those who are trying to use ATI Tray Tools instead of Catalyst Control Centre, and experience crashes of such software as Thinkpad Power Manager, Access Connections, and also Skype, ACDSee, etc.
You should make changes in ATT settings (right-click on tray icon):
Tools and Options -> OnScreen Display -> Uncheck "Enable OSD"
Problem appeared on Windows 7 & Windows 8 with following versions of software:
ATI Tray Tools v1.7.9.1573, Power Manager v3.67, Access Connections v5.85, ACDSee v5.1.137, Skype v5.8.0.158
Hope this helps someone. :)