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Keyboard Backlight Control Utility

Posted: Mon Jan 27, 2014 8:07 pm
by mmarzinc
I would like to control the backlight to my x230 keyboard using a windows utility. I know that this can be done in linux, and I know that the thinklight can be controlled in windows using this utility by Arkadiusz.

The source code for this utility is here:

If I manually turn on the keyboard backlight with "Fn+Space", the ThinkLight.exe utility will turn the backlight off when it turns on the ThinkLight. I can't imagine it should be that hard to adapt the utility to turn on the keyboard backlight instead of the thinklight, but I simply do not know enough about programming to do this. Can anyone help me develop this? Thank you!

My ultimate goal is to make a utility that illuminates the keyboard automatically after sunset and then stops when the sun rises. I already have that portion down with respect to the thinklight using Arkadiusz's utility. I just want to do the same while utilizing the keyboard backlight.