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TPfc.62 new sensor just appeared

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Paul Unger
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TPfc.62 new sensor just appeared

#1 Post by Paul Unger » Thu Apr 10, 2014 7:16 pm

I've been running TPfc.62 on my X201 for about three years. I just got a new battery. I have run it through one cycle and am halfway through a second (~ 8 hours as it's a 9 cell battery). Anyway, just now the fan ramped up to 5500 rpm. A new 'sensor' has shown up in TPfc: 2 aps 98*C (0x79). I found some info about aps (0x79) at thinkwiki.

Can anyone confirm whether aps is a battery related sensor? And why it might be reporting such a high reading? Does it indicate a problem with the battery?

If I switch to BIOS in TPfc, the fan drops from 5500 rpm to 1960 (cpu is reporting ~ 50*C). So it seems the BIOS is ignoring the aps temperature reading. Is it safe for me to add it to the 'ignore list' in TPfc?

Thanks for any help,

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Re: TPfc.62 new sensor just appeared

#2 Post by Kasm279 » Thu Oct 15, 2015 3:02 am

APS is the accelerometer for the Active Protection System, as far as I know.
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