15" T60/61 Frankenpad Modem Connector and Frame

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15" T60/61 Frankenpad Modem Connector and Frame

#1 Post by BruceDickinson » Mon Jan 09, 2017 6:45 pm

I built my first Frankenpad over the weekend--a 15" T60/T61 (T61 mobo, Intel graphics). I thought it might be helpful to give a heads-up about an apparently uncommon experience I had with the modem connector and frame.

For my build, the modem connector was *not* in the way of the nearest frame stand-off thingee (they were just very, very close). As a result, I didn't need to: 1) remove the modem connector from the mobo; nor, 2) alter the frame standoff thingee nearest the modem connector. The only thing I did with respect to that particular stand-off thingee was put some kapton tape on the mobo beneath it to prevent possible shorting from frame flexing.

I thought I might be doing something wrong b/c I was expecting an obstruction there (per all the advice I read here and elsewhere). Maybe there are slight differences in T60 frames or T61 mobos such that sometimes there is an obstruction at the modem connector and sometimes not? I don't know, but I'm writing this in case someone else experiences similar confusion.

Everything works great and I really like finally having a T60/T61 15" Frankenpad. Thanks to the many people over the years who have posted info/advice re: Frankenpad building.
p.s. The only structural thing I did to the frame (per the general instructions for T60/61 Frankenpad building) was dremel down the *other* nearby frame standoff thingee (the one that's diagonal and a little "lower").
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