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T60 15.4'' 7iuj17us/uc (1.19) 7IET38WW BIOS ISO, Slic 2.1, whitelist removed

Posted: Wed May 29, 2019 5:13 pm
by ziemeck
My old FireGL5250 15.4'' T60 motherboard refused to boot with a WiFi card scavenged from some later Lenovo laptop (whitelist lock). I have searched Internet resources for a whitelist-free BIOS upgrade for my motherboard. I found only windows flash version ( ... ost-814979 ) , direct link:

Since I prefer flashing via CD, I have created a bootable ISO myself, adapting a similar ISO for 4:3 T60 (replaced ROM file, updated script and description inside the ISO image). Should anybody ever need it, here it is (bootable ISO for T60 15.4'' containing BIOS with Slic 2.1 & no whitelist): ... t.iso?dl=1

The above BIOS is working fine, I have just flashed my motherboard using the above linked ISO, the whitelist was actually removed, I could boot with the WiFi card I could not boot with before. No free HDD to test Slic 2.1, I will report later on if it works for me.

1. before flashing please make sure you've upgraded your BIOS to original Lenovo Bios: 7iuj17us / 7iuj17uc (1.19) 7IET38WW, BIOS Link : ... j17us.exe​ (Windows, appendix: us) ... j17uc.iso​ (bootable CD, appendix: uc)
2. after flashing you might get a CMOS cheksum CRC error on first boot, just load setup defaults and everything will be fine
3. you can flash without battery, I accidentaly did so ... not that I'd recommend that
4. I take no responsibility for any damage you cause to your machine following my instructions and using my ISO - so please take any necessary precautions before you proceed, including scanning for viruses etc.
5. This BIOS is NOT APPLICABLE to 4:3 T60 models (non-widescreen ones)