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Fixing some T60 Mobility X1400 issues with unofficial driver

T60/T61 series specific matters only
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Fixing some T60 Mobility X1400 issues with unofficial driver

#1 Post by dr_st » Sat Dec 21, 2019 6:03 am

Recently I've used my Thinkpad T60 Windows XP system to test a few games and realized that there are issues with the ATI Mobility X1400 drivers.

Lenovo has several releases, according to the readme:

Code: Select all

Version                              Build ID    Rev.  Issue Date 
  -----------------------------------  --------    ----  ---------------
  8.593.100.7-090929a-090748C-Lenovo   79D179WW    01    2009/11/10
  8.533.3.1-081110a-075168C-Lenovo     79D177WW    01    2009/01/30
  8.442.3-080103a1-057754C-Lenovo      79D172WW          9th release
  8.441-071128a-056348C-Lenovo         79D171WW          8th release
  8.383.1.1.3-070621a2-050878C-Lenovo  79D165WW          7th release
  8.362-070405a-046310C-Lenovo         79D164WW          6th release
  8.293.1-060913a-036475C-Lenovo       79D162WW          5th release
  8.241.1-060324a-031947C-Lenovo       79D141WW          4th release
  8.231-060221a1-031193C-Lenovo        79D135WW          3rd release
  8.204-051220a1-031127C-Lenovo        79D122WW          2nd release
  8.204-051220a1-029804C-Lenovo        79D121WW          Initial release
The two latest ones - 8.533 and 8.593 - have some weird pixelization issue with new versions of Angry Birds. 8.442 and older don't have this issue, but they also don't have the option to enable aspect-correct GPU scaling for games that do not have widescreen support (a feature I've been using for gaming on my DELL 2209WA WSXGA+ screen).

Lenovo has not released any versions between 8.442 and 8.533, it seems, and the Omega Drivers only go up to 8.442 myself, so I was stuck. Fortunately, a lucky solution was found. It seems that an intermediate version - 8.512 for Mobility X1400 on Windows XP is available through Microsoft's update catalog. By default it won't install on the T60, because the INF has some hardcoded subsystem IDs (and therefore Windows Update will not offer it to you as well). However, if you force the installation ("I will choose which driver to install"), then it works great, shows version 8.512.0.0, no pixelization issues in Angry Birds, and GPU scaling is available in the Catalyst Control Center.

Decided to post this here, in case someone else ever looks for an intermediate version of the ATI driver for their T60 to resolve some strange issue. Note that a separate version is available for Mobility X1300/X1550 series.
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