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Thinkpad T60 BIOS date/time not changing

Posted: Mon Jan 27, 2020 7:24 pm
by SkipR
The Thinkpad T60 BIOS date/time is staying on last static value I put in BIOS.

The problem started a few days ago. I have a Thinkpad T60 6369-62M and I am NOT getting any errors like "Error 0271 Check Date and Time" when it boots, BUT noticed the time was way off, so I rebooted and went into the BIOS Date/Time section and updated to current time (e.g. Jan 28 2020 07:33:00) saved it. Turned the power off waited 2 minutes; restarted went in to check the BIOS and time is still showing same value (e.g. Jan 28 2020 07:33:00 NOT 07:36:00). I did this a number of times and result is the same my last updated value remains unchanged. On my other computers (not Lenovo brand) looking at time in BIOS screen you see date/time updating second by second but Lenovo laptop is not doing that.

(It will still boot into whatever OS I load (e.g. Windows or a live CD Linux) but after using NTP server update after about an hour it drops back to the last value I manually saved in BIOS, i.e. 07:33:00.)

Note: It only runs on AC power as batter died a few years ago. I don't think I have ever changed the button battery under the keyboard since I got the second hand laptop about maybe in 2012. I use it regularly.

Is this an indication of a bad battery or something else?

Re: Thinkpad T60 BIOS date/time not changing

Posted: Mon Jan 27, 2020 8:00 pm
by BillMorrow
hello and welcome to the forum..
and PLEASE edit your profile and enter your city in OZ.. it is the one thing i require..
T60..?! i have my last T60p still running.. :-)
but i love the X1 carbons.. especially the extreme ones with the 4k display..
for your issue i would check the cmos battery..
i'm not sure where it is but the hardware manuals are on my server.. look up at the HMM.. hardware manuals..

Re: Thinkpad T60 BIOS date/time not changing

Posted: Tue Jan 28, 2020 2:37 am
by RealBlackStuff
Yup, almost dead (yellow) CMOS-battery (under keyboard).
Replace with something like this: