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T61 14" wide-screen not powering up with X9000

T60/T61 series specific matters only
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Re: T61 14" wide-screen not powering up with X9000

#31 Post by kfzhu1229 » Mon Jun 22, 2020 9:32 pm

Hmm well on the subject of upgrading these machines, recently I got an extremely good deal for a bundle of Latitude E6400 + E6500 for C$120 altogether. The seller was an absolute hassle to deal with but what's special is both have discrete NVS160M graphics, backlit keyboards, the best screens for these models respectively, and the E6400 comes with a T9900.
Now both come with 2x2GB of RAM, and unlike T/W500, these still use DDR2 RAM but at 800Mhz. So now I am in a hunt for 4GB DDR2 sticks again to get them to at least 6GB of RAM.
Unfortunately, seems like the deals on eBay currently are HORRIBLE! The cheapest one I found before customs and tax is C$57 and that's only one in stock! I paid that much for a pair before this pandemic! The rest of the listings are all shady RAM sticks!
Local deals for these computer products are mostly horrible too because ppl hoarded these things out in the pandemic and that many sellers don't wanna meet up too!
So being fed up with the prices, what I think I will do is to order these RAM sticks from Taobao and get my relatives in China to send them here instead. The prices in China for 4GB sticks are still only like about C$25-30 a piece and this is from some of the highest rated sellers.
Moreover the prices for the likes of Q9000, Q9100 and QX9300 seem also much cheaper on Taobao also from some of the best sellers. Unfortunately it seems like these won't work on any of those Latitudes and I have to swap the motherboard and heatsink with a M4400 one to get it working on that E6500.
Before I place the order and get the parcel posted to my place, I am wondering is anyone in Canada (or even the US if postage allows) interested in getting potentially cheaper deals for these Core 2 gen CPUs and DDR2 RAM sticks?
Dell Lat CP MMX-233 64mb 40gb W2k
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T43p 2.26 2gb fp W10 (Sharp)
Lat C840 P4-2.5 2gb 60gb W7 (Ultrasharp)

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Admin Emeritus
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Re: T61 14" wide-screen not powering up with X9000

#32 Post by RealBlackStuff » Mon Jun 22, 2020 11:49 pm

Fingers crossed that your exams were successful!
Best of Irish with them.
NOT a great day for a Guinness! (the Real Black Stuff).
Ireland is on FULL lockdown till December 2020!
Covid-19: Mask it or Casket!
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