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Thinkpad T60 Sound not working from speakers after maintenence

T60/T61 Series
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Thinkpad T60 Sound not working from speakers after maintenence

#1 Post by atomic88 » Mon Jul 27, 2020 11:18 pm

Hi Guys!

I had a questing I hope someone out there could help be trouble shoot. I have upgrading and restoring my old T60 that saw me through university. wanted to install linux mint and to make it into a fun little project and what a project this is becoming.

Sequence of Events:

1. I took apart the fan assembly and replaced the thermal paste on the CPU. Used 50% isopropyl to clean off some thermal paste that got onto the the ram of the GPU, waited 24 hours used 99% isopropyl to clean of remain residue. let it dry for an hour. Replaced the thermal pads on the GPU and that other chip lower down with K5 Pro paste.
2. added 2 new RAM chips
3. Blew out all the dust
4. reassembled and powered up the thinkpad onto windows xp SP3. no sound comes from the speakers, only the head phones.
5. keyboard sound and mute buttons do not work.
6. I unplugged the key board plugged it back in
7. turned computer back on and there was sound! didn't check sound buttons on key board.
8. Installed Linux mint and the problem is back, no sound from speakers, only head phones.

this all started after I diassembled the t60 and put it back together. Any ideas? I am really out of ideas because the sound came back at one point. I am now installing windows 10 32 bit and see if I can figure it out. I feel like it is probably hardware in nature, but I cannot think of what could happen because the speakers worked at once point and then stopped again.
Has any one ever run into this issue before?

Thanks in advance!


EDIT: I installed windows 10 and the sound works again. Same with the buttons. I am going to try it on linux again. This seems like one of those unexplainable phenomena,...machine spirit anyone?

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Re: Thinkpad T60 Sound not working from speakers after maintenence

#2 Post by RealBlackStuff » Tue Jul 28, 2020 12:42 am

The speakerwire connector sits left of the RAM-modules.
While replacing that RAM, you may have loosened/damaged that sound-connector.
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