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I am back after a long time

X2/X3/X4x series specific matters only
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Joined: Thu May 26, 2016 3:37 pm
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I am back after a long time

#1 Post by TH1NKP4D » Thu May 26, 2016 3:56 pm

Wait what?
You only have 1 post! Do we know you?
Some of you might remember.....hoax32 :P
I specifically remember RealBlackStuff for always givin me [censored] hahahahahaha
Good times!
Anyways I have decided to return but my old email account got closed (3rd party got access).
So here I am starting from 0.

What makes me come back?
I wanna share something.
In the past 3 years I started my small side business of restoring ThinkPads.
Mostly 60 series.
I would replace the complete top and bottom plastic housings, keyboards, clean the inside and upgrade them to the maxium with memory and SSD's and find some one who appreciates them.
Had well over 500 thinkpads in my posession in the past 3-3 - 1/2 years.
But just recently I got my hands on something special.

A ThinkPad X22.
But check this out - I got it from the original owner.
He says it had NEVER left his office desk and man let me tell yall, this thing looks like a virgin!
Not a scratch or a ding on this thing!!!
It looks like my T540p when I first unboxed it!
But yall aint ready for this:

It has a swapped 1.13GHz Pentium 3 from a X24 - the swap was done by an IT repair shop using a circuit assembly unit. The Pentium 3 is overclocked to 1.28GHz.
I have confirmed by motherboard part number that a circuit board swap was NOT undertaken. (which probably would have been easier)
The unit has 640MB of ram, a 128GB PATA SSD and the Radeon 7000 is overclocked from 164MHz to 200MHz.

Ready for the next surprise?
Its running Windows 7 Home Premium like silk.
Obviously the OS is butchered down in terms of effects and settings.
However I am posting from it right now and boot up from the BIOS to ready to use takes only 45 seconds.

I am going to post some pics and benchmarks very soon!
I am in love with this computer.
Original battery still holds a 2 hour charge.
I paid $200 for this rarity.

Some thinkpads worth mentioning in my current collection:
nVidia T61 with 08/08 date, worlds fastest T20, T540p i7 Quad @4.10GHz

i locked this post until this member decides between his old member name and this new one..

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