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Palmrest for x61s

Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2018 1:09 pm
by radio303
Hello! My good old x61s 7669-3JG still works fine, with SSD, new WLAN adapter and Windows 10 on board. After I understood that Retro model isn't fine for me I've decided to rejuvenate my old laptop. To start with, the palmrest is broken and I want to find a new one. With a fingerprint (although I don't use it). I looked at the system service parts list here - am I right to think that 42W3769 is the only that fits, while 42W3771 or 42X3801 / 42X3803 (for WWAN) won't? Unfortunately it's hard to buy 42W3769 anywhere, while there's more chance to buy the other three. Please advise and thanks in advance!

Re: Palmrest for x61s

Posted: Thu Jul 11, 2019 6:08 pm
by Jake.Werecat
I do suppose, you solved your problem a year ago, I can just write for others reading this thread in possible future. I've been swapping palmrest for X60s / X61 / X61s with and without WWAN and fingerprint reader. They all fit well in both ways. One thing is the fingerprint sensor position is different in X60 & X60s, but the socket on the MoBo is in the same place so they can be interchanged. Another is IrDA sensor windows, present on X60, but absent on X61, thus X61 palmrest in X60 will make it impossible to us it anymore.