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Easy Thinkpad X60 Wlan ABGN wifi card upgrade FRU 42T0825 for $5 bucks

Posted: Wed Aug 21, 2019 6:45 am
by Woodenspoon
After researching it for a while and finding nothing but bios mod, card bios flash options to white list other cards which are a fuss.

Found out they sell pre modded cards on ebay now for a song. ... 3929649956

Popped it in, attached the wires to the first and middle connectors, and it worked fine in windows 10 when the original wlan is well known for no longer being supported by intel.

Just have to remove all screws on the bottom to pop off the keyboard and then the hand rest to access it.

So, hope this helps the next guy, just search for FRU 42T0825

Shipping does take forever but it's no big deal with something this old at this price.