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Re-Celling an Extended Slice Battery

X60/X61 series specific matters only.
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Re-Celling an Extended Slice Battery

#1 Post by Ashley_Pomeroy » Wed Oct 02, 2019 5:28 pm

After seven hundred and sixty years I finally got hold of an extended life battery for my X60s. It's a "slice"-style battery that plugs into the bottom of the machine. It lifts up the back a little bit and extends the battery runtime, although not by much. It looks like one of the later Atari 2600 consoles from the 1980s, when they had a wedge-shaped case.

Inevitably after seven and a half centuries in storage it doesn't work. The Lenovo power manager shows "error" and no amount of jiggling it, or plugging it in by itself, or leaving it on charge overnight will bring it back to life.

It's easy to open up:


It's a missed opportunity - there's a lot of wasted space. But perhaps IBM was worried that it might overheat if they doubled-up the batteries. The internet suggests that they're Panasonic NCA103450A cells, which are also used in the flat X60s battery (I have one of those as well, but luckily it holds a charge).

So, my question is, is there a way to make the battery charge again? Is it feasible to replace the cells, or would someone have to reset something inside the battery's firmware? There are companies in the UK who will recell power tools and laptop batteries but I have no idea how much it would cost, assuming I could ship the batteries through the post.

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Re: Re-Celling an Extended Slice Battery

#2 Post by original_not_me » Sun Dec 29, 2019 11:58 pm

I just finished recelling my x40 battery succesfully. Actually i don t really use it anymore but i keep it alive so i have something to do when i am bored. I just put new original cells in one dead battery (i got 2 more which hold 15 min of charge) Just plugged it in, it charged from orange blinking to green in about one hour. Not like new (yet maybe.) but i am quite happy. I actually could not solder everything (just two spots which were accessable) so i just strapped the cells tightly together with tape which worked very nice.
Now to your question. These cells are quite hard to find in the x40 these were Sanyo and newly made are LG ones.
A few years ago i fpund out that in some other batterypacks are the same cells and bought a new one of these acer packs for something like 20 euro New. There are 6 of these very cells in it. _On ebay you still find these when you search (sanyo) "3uf103450p" Unfortunately now they are quite expensive.. But when I searched for your Panasonic part number i found this offer (And fortunately for me its even in Germany...):
https://www.ebay.de/itm/6Stuck-Akku-PAN ... 4444380597
I will ask this Seller for 8 of these and then would order some.
I don t think you can in any way "revive" the old cells. If you had an 3.7V Liion Cell charger you could just try by connecting to just one cell alone. These cells have a "breaker" build in which could be gone.. did you measure one or all cells with a Multi/Volt meter?
Newer battery pack controller seem to shut off completly if the cells or one cell is dead. (seem to be some tricks out there to restart them - one is by connecting the 14.8v plus directly of the last cell of the new cells to the output of the controller plus or the same with the 2 minus).
The x40 battery pack didn t need that and a x60T I tried before with totally different used cells didn t either.
Last thing: If you recell this Slice - please do it with 8 cells! Just parallel right and left you could fit 2 cells and right above i bet 2 more horizontally if you remove some of the plastic ribs. Only at least in all packs i have here each cell is connected individually to the controller board. I just opened an dead (genuine)x60t big battery pack which has 8 cells mixed out of 4 these same panasonic type an 4 far common and better 18650 type. You would have to parallel a pair of the same type and voltage/"health" 4 times.
Or you could try to go with 4x 18650 just to start with - you should find these in used packs easily.
Hope maybe i could give you some usefull input.

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Re: Re-Celling an Extended Slice Battery

#3 Post by wujstefan » Thu Jan 02, 2020 8:57 am

I have a couple of these batteries (complete batteries, not just cells) I can give out for a good word. I think all of them are dead now, but you could salvage working cells from them.
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Re: Re-Celling an Extended Slice Battery

#4 Post by iamdmc » Mon Feb 17, 2020 10:45 am

I'll PM you!

OP have you had any luck re-celling?

I'm attempting the same on my 4 cell slice from 2009 that's down to about 40% capacity
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