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X61 non-tablet display replacement?

X60/X61 and X60t/X61t Series
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X61 non-tablet display replacement?

#1 Post by solidpro » Tue Dec 13, 2022 6:20 am

Hi Everyone

I've got a standard X61 with a damaged LCD display (cracked). The LCD in there is a LTN121XJ-L07 and these are hard to come by. It's not even listed on the TFT Wiki...

However there are displays for other 4:3, 12.1" thinkpad available. Does anyone know if I can do a straight swap with another display model? Or perhaps a display from an X4x machine just to get it working?

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Re: X61 non-tablet display replacement?

#2 Post by axur-delmeria » Tue Dec 13, 2022 9:02 am

Based on the datasheets I've collected, the Samsung LTN121XJ-L06 is compatible.

LTN121XJ-L07 is listed under X60 and X60s and is 100% compatible with the X61.

All screens for the X60 are compatible with the X61; that page should be updated.

The X60 screens listed are:
Boe Hydis HT121X01-101
CMO N121X5-L06

The older Samsung LTN121XJ-L02 (I salvaged from a Pentium M Dell Latitude) is compatible, but the top of the LCD's metal frame is slightly bigger and will make installation difficult.

The X40 has two different screens, requiring different LCD cables.
The Samsung LTN121XA-L01 screen is not compatible with the X61 based on the datasheet.

The ID Tech IAXG02C appears to be compatible with the X61 based on the datasheet. Note that I've never owned an X40, and cannot verify this information.
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