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Install OSX 10.6 on T61(Is it possible in 2022?)

OS-X on ThinkPads
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Install OSX 10.6 on T61(Is it possible in 2022?)

#1 Post by crackberrypie » Sat Jan 08, 2022 3:10 pm

Hi everyone.
I have an idle thinkpad T61 (Intel GMA X3100 only, without a dedicated graphics card). It has been more than 13 years since I got this laptop. I loved it very much.
However, its performance is not enough for my daily use nowadays. I wish to try some new usages instead of just leaving it alone (maybe a different OS). I remember a few years ago, someone told me he successfully installed Hacintosh on it but I don't know which version he used. Is it still possible to install OSX 10.6 on T61 in 2022? Do the majority of hardware drivers work properly in Hacintosh OSX 10.6 ? (It seems OSX 10.6 was the last version that has Rosetta 1 feature supported for OSX. Perhaps I can run some old PowerPC software as well).
My T61 has Intel Core Duo 2 T8100 processor with 4GB of DDR2 667Mhz RAM. I also replaced the internal hard drive with an SSD. Its WiFi card is Atheros AR5BXB6(a pretty old one which supports 802.11a/b/g only. It does not have support for 802.11n like other advanced models.
I know my question is outdated. I wish any of you could kindly tell me where and what files (drivers, OSX image, instructions etc) I should be looking for.
Thanks for your attention. It is my first time here. Glad to meet you.

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Re: Install OSX 10.6 on T61(Is it possible in 2022?)

#2 Post by kapqa » Sat Oct 08, 2022 9:27 am

you will have problems with Mac OS 10.6 anyway, because the browser situation is not good.
If you want to use the T61 for Internet use, you are better off using Linux distro.
My Thinkpad T60 run Debian 7 aka Whezzy, and with little trick i can use modern browser like Firefox 78, and the Computer is really responsive (3GB RAM, 160 GB HDD).
on a T61 you can also install newer Linux (of course also on a T60), but since it has only Intel Graphics, i would stick to version Ubuntu 16.04 or the likes. Newer Linux tends to be heavier, and bit less responsive, in my opinion.
Happy Computing!

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