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best t61 for mavericks/yosemite

OS-X on ThinkPads
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best t61 for mavericks/yosemite

#1 Post by Pheonix_ace » Tue Jul 08, 2014 4:54 am

hey guys and girls, i've been reading up on this site and i am very intrigued at how versatile these IBM Thinkpads are. Anyways my question is whats the best T61 Thinkpad's for OSX and for reliability and durability and i plan to be connecting them to monitors.. :eek:

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Re: best t61 for mavericks/yosemite

#2 Post by bwaldow » Tue Sep 23, 2014 6:03 pm


I just stumbled on this. Perhaps you have found your answer elsewhere.

I don't know about Yosemite. I run Mavericks on a T61/60 hybrid Frankenpad (a T61 motherboard in a 15" T60 chassis - 'Frankenpad 1' in my signature). I don't believe Mavericks will run on a T60 motherboard, and I also know it requires an Nvidia graphics chipset - I have the NVS140m, and I read others use the 570.

Intel graphic chipsets will not work as Apple provides no drivers for them.

Sleep/Wake works in 10.9.0 & 10.9.1, but while later versions work, they fail to sleep.

You must also provide a wifi adapter that has Apple drivers.

I don't know which is best - it may depend on your needs. For instance, you might prefer a T61p widescreen with full HD display panel. I like my matte finish IPS 4:3 UXGA display panel.

Frankenpad: T60/1 2.6Ghz Penryn C2D w/15" UXGA LED backlit LCD & NVS140M GPU
X61 Tablet 1.6Ghz SXGA (7769-A67)
T42 14" SXGA (2378-XXQ)

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