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Thinkpad T430 Mojave, mostly working, some issues

OS-X on ThinkPads
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Thinkpad T430 Mojave, mostly working, some issues

#1 Post by rcrdlclr » Mon Mar 11, 2019 4:52 am


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Processor: i5 3320M 2.6Ghz
Chipset: Mobile Intel QM77 Express
Graphics: Intel HD4000
Memory: 8GB DDR3 1600
Hard drive: 256GB SSD (don't know model)
So my Lenovo Thinkpad T430 is now running Mojave, and it's mostly working well. I'm perfecting it. So what I'm currently trying to fix is:
  • Trackpad. I had High Sierra installed initially, and following different guides the trackpad was recognised as a trackpad, and I could tap to click etc. This is not working anymore since Mojave. Mojave does not recognise it as a trackpad, even though the trackpad does function with basic functionality. I've tried removing and reinstalling the kexts but that hasn't helped. What could I check? Note: interestingly, at the login screen tap to click works! But then when I login, it doesn't anymore, and the trackpad options are not available (empty screen).
  • The sound is working, but the microphone is not recognised. I'm unfortunately unsure how I can see what audio chip I have, otherwise I would have mentioned. What to do here?
  • And something more minor: I'm now booting with the most recent (non beta) Clover. It shows me a lot of disks. A repair disk, an installer disk, etc. I think there is 4 or 5 in total. Is there any way to exclude disks from showing up there? I'd like it to look a bit more clean...
(p.s. I also tried exchanging my EFI folder for one that someone else here in this subreddit with a T430 and Mojave is using, but it did not solve these issues...)

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Re: Thinkpad T430 Mojave, mostly working, some issues

#2 Post by GrifterGuru » Fri Mar 15, 2019 2:55 pm

To hide the extra options in the bootloader, you will need to edit the config.plist with Clover.

If i recall correctly, it is under the GUI settings...

Be warned though, MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR PLIST FIRST!!!! Clover can and often does cause an issue with the PLIST.

If needs be, format a USB stick to FAT32 and COPY YOUR ENTIRE EFI FOLDER to it so at least you have the option to boot your system. You will also have a backup too.

This a short section of my "config.plist" file and shows the options I have hidden..

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			<string>Windows from EFI</string>
			<string>EFI from EFI</string>
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