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New RAM Doesnt' Work. What RAM for 3000 N100?

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New RAM Doesnt' Work. What RAM for 3000 N100?

#1 Post by ParatoOptimal » Sun Oct 31, 2010 10:19 pm

Does the 3000 N100 require PC2-5300 or higher RAM?

I currently have FRU 4OY8403 1GB DDR2 PC2 5300S-55-12FO 667MHz installed in my 3000 N100.

The manual I got from thinkwiki.org stipulates DDR2 SODIMM with no speed, latency or pin stipulations.

I purchased the following from Lenovo:
P/N 73P3846 S/N: L3AP789

My 3000 N100 recognizes the additional RAM but reports that it's unsupported.
There is no beep as the manual states will sound if the RAM is unsupported but I'm running Ubuntu in this laptop.
I removed the RAM that works and added only the new Lenovo RAM only to get the same no beep, unsupported notice.

I tried the Lenovo RAM in an Everex NC1502 that takes DDR2 200-pin SODIMM RAM. It didn't work. I forget if it beeped once or many times or non-stop or not at all. The RAM currently working in the Everex is 2GB DDR2 "MAC" RAM (I know there's no difference between MAC and PC RAM). I forget the speed of the RAM.

A friend installed the Lenovo RAM in his HP laptop running Ubuntu. It worked. He ran memtest and it passed all tests. He thought perhaps the timings need to be adjusted in the laptop's BIOS. The Everex and Lenovo have no RAM timing adjustment in their BIOSes.
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Re: New RAM Doesnt' Work. What RAM for 3000 N100?

#2 Post by CeeDee » Wed Nov 10, 2010 10:33 pm

DDR2 5300 is what is in my daughters. One piece of 1gig in each slot.
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