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Bios update fail Lenovo g780 black screen

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Bios update fail Lenovo g780 black screen

#1 Post by delevero » Sun Apr 17, 2016 4:45 pm

Hello forum.

I have a computer..:
Lenovo g780
model 2182
bios..: 5ECN96WW(V9.01 )

I have recently tried to update the bios to ( v9.01 ) and this was successfull.
After that I tried updating with a costom modified mod bios that gave me admin access to everything in bios.
The costum bios mod rebooted my computer and ented bios and everything seem to work, so i desided to change one setting.
I changed the setting that say something similar to " select video card 1 or 2 and automatic video card selection.

I thought it sound good to choose automatic video card selection so I changed it and saved things in my new unlocked bios.
However now I hav a black screen everytime I start the computer and I think that the computer i stuck and never load bios, or write some kind of error text that I cannot read.
With other words it power on and then nothing happen... If i put an USB pen in the usb port it blink 1 time when computer is turned on, and i hear the cd drive tick one time.
I can also on keyboard choose numpad, and capslock and see the lights turn on.
When i try to restart the computer and hold example f2 to get into bios ( and press other keys as well ) then i now never hear the beeping sound.

Well I have tried many things to recover but everything have failed so far and that is why im here.
I also tried the FN+R and renaming my bios rom to bios.wph and restarting computer.. the usb falsh one time and then nothing happen. ( also tried win+R, and fn+b, and win+b ) just in case.

I read on another forum that a guy write the following who help him, but I do not know how to do what he did automatic and update my bios this way. ( see below the cursive text )

anyone have any good ideas about what I can do to save my computer ?
do the below maybe work on my computer ?
Can i fix the problem with buying a new motherboard for my laptop g780 such as this one for like 60-99usd and install and move my old parts onto the new motherboard ?
http://www.aliexpress.com/item/High-qua ... c08aa181dd ?

PS.. Reason for me to use a costom bios is very simple.. As default the lenovo computers are locked so you cannot remove your wifi card and example insert another pciE express card on many laptops such as the g780.
So i wanted to whitlist/unlock the bios so I could use an external graphics card pci card to extend the life time of my computer and use external video card for more power in games.... to avoid buying a new computer.

02-20-2015, 09:18 PM
( source https://www.bios-mods.com/forum/Thread- ... -IMPORTANT
i fixed it!!

here is how and maybe you wish to share that.

well i did played with the display settings so the laptop was not showing anything. But that doesn't mean it was nto actually booting at least was trying but was propably geting a bsod, since the display was "disabled".

i tried the HDMI hours ago maybe i would get a tv out but nop.
after waiting 2 hours for the bios t clear as you said it doesn't because its in ROM that keep power for hours,
this is what i did.

-i download your new modified bios,
-i copied in my msdos bootable usb
-also in the usb i create the autoexec.bat and edit it inside to call the flash.bat automatically the next time the usb boots
-i opened my laptop and disconected the SSD so i made sure the bios will boot only from my usb
-i pluged the usb and power on the laptop WITH all battaries Connected! (because it check for battery state while flashing!)
-i left the laptop to power on, and i noticed that the usb was indeed LED flashing, showing some sort of activity,
-i remember now that your flash update asked 1-2 times "are you sure" "press any key to continue flashing" so i simple pressed 2-3 times then "Enter" key.
-usb started to flash even more now showing that the bios was indeed flashing!
-i waited exactly 1 min, it doesnt take longer and to make sure it finished i pressed 1-2 time more Enter, i saw none activity on the usb flash led.
-then i thought if the flash is over and needs a restart, lets make sure that its indeed over by forcing a command on the msdos to show some short off activity, and i tried to type "dir", and boom flash led activity. everytiem i typed in the blind DIR and enter the USB was flashing, which means my bios flash should be finished and now was waiting for a restart!
-i pressed the power button 3sec to shutdown and then press again to boot
-BOOM the screen comes to life and i have your bios installed.

i turn the laptop back off, and connected my SSD, and then power up to setup my bios, without touching any other crazy settings this time Tongue

now i type you from my babe!

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Re: Bios update fail Lenovo g780 black screen

#2 Post by Y_D » Sun Nov 20, 2022 11:37 am

Help! problem with lenovo g580 20150, black screen after bios update. help me please!

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