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Back lit keyboard hack ideas?

E.g. 3000, IdeaPad, S- and U-Series, B-Series and so on...
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Back lit keyboard hack ideas?

#1 Post by dogbarber » Mon Oct 19, 2015 10:13 pm

Tried to replace my non backlit keyboard on my Ideapad P500 with a backlit keyboard I recently purchased. This model came both ways.

There is a separate ribbon on the backlit board for power, so I also replaced the CD/DVD connector board where that power supply connects to as mine did not come with it. After installing that new small board, bummed to find out the connector on the mother board it in turn connects to is also bigger to accommodate those wires. So now I'm dead in the water. I think.

Here's the question. Even my standard non backlit keyboard has power going to it to light up the num lock and Caps lock keys, so the standard board is obviously getting power. Any ideas how to tap into that to power the backlit board without having to replace the entire motherboard.

I'm open to creative suggestions.

Doesn't even have to be able to be switched on and off. I'm fine with it being on all the time.

Thanks one and all. :)
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Re: Back lit keyboard hack ideas?

#2 Post by 28CarsLater » Fri Jan 15, 2016 12:00 pm

I've never attempted such a thing but am intrigued. On the cable which connects from the keyboard into the mobo, there are may be two power input wires: one for the num lock etc, and one for the back light. If you cut the ribbon, figured out the wiring configuration, and rewired the backlit strand into the generic power one, it might work with the added bonus of leaving the mobo untouched. Just my .02.
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Re: Back lit keyboard hack ideas?

#3 Post by JaroTech » Wed May 04, 2016 8:33 pm

Hi, the power to the keyboard for the caps and num lock is only 3 volts, you need for the backlit keyboard 5 volts from the connector JKBL1.
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