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LP125WH2-SLB3 vs LP125WH2-SLT1

X200/X201/X220 (including equivalent tablet models) and X300/X301 Series
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LP125WH2-SLB3 vs LP125WH2-SLT1

#1 Post by muneebtatar » Fri Sep 17, 2021 4:32 pm


I ordered a LP125WH2-SLT1 display for my ThinkPad X220 but received a LP125WH2-SLB3 (0A66702) instead. I contacted the seller about it and they said there isn't much of a noticeable difference in display performance between the two and that the SLB3 is a newer version than the SLT1, which is discontinued right now. However, I've heard the SLT1 is brighter than the SLB3. I also looked up online that both were released around 2012 and both are discontinued.
  • In terms of display quality and brightness, how does the SLT1 compare to SLB3?
  • Is there a considerable difference between the two that would justify me switching over to the SLT1?
  • Is there any basis to the claim that the SLB3 is newer than the SLT1 since both were in production/released in the same year?
I did check the SLB3 and it look amazing compared to the TN panel I had previously but I want to make sure I'm not missing over any performance.


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Re: LP125WH2-SLB3 vs LP125WH2-SLT1

#2 Post by axur-delmeria » Fri Sep 17, 2021 9:13 pm

I think that they mistook it for the earlier SLB1 that was used in the X220.

AFAIK the differences between the SLB3 and SLT1 are negligible. Even though you didn't get the exact LCD model you wanted, it's still an IPS display that's less likely to have ghosting issues-- I'd call that a small victory.
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