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Thinkpad X20x screens and modding, PICS WARNING

X200, X201, X220 (including equivalent tablet models) and X300, X301 series specific matters only.
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Thinkpad X20x screens and modding, PICS WARNING

#1 Post by FryPpy » Sun May 18, 2014 9:25 am

There are many threads about X20x screens and modding. But there is no main thread where all knowledge is collected and shared. May be somtimes this thread can be FAQ / HowTo. But now it begins for collect raw information.
I was inspired by X61 IPS mod by iThinkpad to begin this thread. Currently i have no X20x. But i'm thinking about this. Main reason to move to x20x - full sized keyboard and Core i CPU. While the other reason to stay X6x - 4:3 aspect ration and may be the best SXGA+ resolution.

There is 2,5 reasons to modify screen in your Thinkpad X20x:
- LCD is broken and it must be replaced;
- need more resolution (WXGA -> WXGA+ mod);
- need better viewing angles, contrast, color representation (TN -> IPS / VA mod).

There is main resoure for getting info about X6x screens and modding. But Information about X20x is scattered among many sites and threads. So summarize all i can get:
Our threads about:
IPS / VA mod:
http://forum.thinkpads.com/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=101445 - good thread for start from

WXGA+ mod:
and first link from IPS / VA mod

Another aproach - is swapping mainboard in X200s (with WXGA+ or someting else):

Other links to help with this task:
http://www.panelook.com/ - good starting point for searching for LCDs and ofcoirse google with querry 'XXX pdf' for gathering specs for interesting LCDs.
http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/TFT_display great ThinkWiki and it's LCD table. It's shame, but it is not complete in X20x part
also you can read spec pages for x20x family Thinkpads for screen options...
http://forum.tabletpcreview.com/lenovo- ... post180724 TabletPC review - this 1st post can answer many, but not all, questions

from TabletPC review:
Digitizer Only Models
190nit, 500:1 contrast, frameless screen, BOE-Hydis AFFS, FRU 45N6090/45N6091, PN 42T0569, Model# HV121WX4-100
2) LED
200nit, 500:1 contrast, frameless screen, Samsung S-PVA FRU 13N7268, Model# unknown
BOE-Hydis AFFS, Model# HX121WX1-110, FRU 13N7269, PN 13N7248
3) Superbright LED
285nit, 500:1 contrast, frameless screen, Toshiba S-PVA, Model# unknown, FRU 45N5388/45N6092, PN 42T0567
Toshiba IPS, Model# LTD121KX6B, FRU unknown, PN 27R2490
4) Superbright Outdoor Viewable LED
400nit, 500:1 contrast, Glossy, 1.2% reflectivity, multiple anti-reflectivity layers, Toshiba S-PVA, FRU 13N7272, PN 42T0697, Model# LT121EE08000

Touch Screen and Digitizer Models
5) LED (single touch resistive: before October 2009)
230nit, 500:1 contrast, Samsung S-PVA, Model# LTN121AP03, FRU 44C9666 (no wireless USB), FRU 93P5615/93P5617, PN 42T0565
6) LED (multi touch capacitive: since September 2009)
270nit 500:1 contrast, Samsung S-PVA, Model# LTN121AP0310, FRU 13N7270, PN unknown
Toshiba IPS, Model# LTD121KX6B, FRU 13N7271/13N7295, PN 27R2490
by pwnsweet

This gives many model numbers for spec searching and comparing with non tablet models:
12.1 1280x800 45N5388 124,8 300 LED TMD-Toshiba LTD121KX6B X200 Tablet
12.1 1280x800 42T0478 124,8 200 250:1 Samsung LTN121AT03 X200, X200s
12.1 1280x800 42T0510 124,8 200 400:1 25ms AUO B121EW03 V.6 X200, X200s
12.1 1280x800 42T0482 124,8 200 250:1 TMD-Toshiba LTD121EWVB X200, X200s
12.1 1280x800 42T0709 124,8 LED AUO B121EW09 V.2 X200, X200s, X201, X201s, X201i
12.1 1280x800 42T0711 124,8 200 LED 500:1 16ms LG-Philips LP121WX3-TLC1 LP121WX3-TLA1 X200, X200s, X201, X201s, X201i, S12
12.1 1440x900 42T0480 140,3 250 LED 300:1 TMD-Toshiba LTD121EQ3B X200s, X201s
by ThinkWiki
SO the only WXGA+ LCD is LTD121EQ3B. And it is only LCD with bottom connector see pic
http://www.panelook.com/showimg.php?fil ... 672e6a7067
So there is special LCD cable for this LCD (no difference from what you are starting CCFL or LED X20x) to get WXGA+.

Very strange - LTD121KX6B is counted is IPS by by pwnsweet and ThinkWiki specs page (no non IPS / VA X200t), but panelook and LCD table count LTD121KX6B as TN????????? Panelook counts LTD121KX6B as WXGA too.

And main conclusion - sizes (mounting holes and connectors placment) of B121EW03-V6 (CCLF from X200), HV121WX4-1x0 (CCFL IPS from X200) and (LTN121AP02-001 i dont know from what thinkpad it is).
// 1x0 means 100, 110 and 120 - they have different front surface types (matt / glossy).
And this is main concept for TN -> IPS / VA mod. But it involves replacing LCD cable and LED-board IF YOU STARTS FROM LED X20x.

But other thing i have noticed. B121EW09 and LP121WX3-TLA1 (from LED X20x) have the same sizes (mounting holes and connectors placment) as HX121WX1-110. I haven't find specs for Toshibas. But the photos in internet shows that LT121EE08000 - have the same placement of connector. Imagine X201 core i7 400nit outdor workable ;)

Compare pinout from non IPS X20x LED LCDs and IPS / VA x20xt ones. In X6x / x6xt case there are chenged pinout in LCDs, but LCD adapters makes this mod possible.
BAD NEWS - like a X6x IPS mod - LED IPS Hydis LCDs (ex HX121WX1-110) have different pinout than LED backlit non-IPS LCDs from X20x :( So - to do this mod - adaptor is needed...

I dont know any success stories of fitting IPS / VA LED backlit LCDs (from x20xt or other) to LED backlit x20x. But i think this is possible. SO MAIN THING TO DO - IS MAKE IT REAL ;)

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Re: Thinkpad X20x screens and modding, PICS WARNING

#2 Post by Raceboy » Tue Jan 20, 2015 12:28 pm

Bumping this topic.

I bought an immaculate X201 with i7 620M CPU and pretty much all the other options possible (WWAN, camera, FPR, 6300 Ultimate from the factory, SSD from the factory, Panasonic 9cell etc) and planning to put 400nit outdoor panel from the table to that X201. I am planning to desolder the connector on the panel and solder thin wires directly to the panel PCB. In the other end of the wires is X201 LCD connector which I can get from some dead/broken panel.

Have not managed to find Toshiba LT121EE08000 datahseet to compare pinouts but found all others and with some measurements to verify GND and VCC pins it should be possible. Since LCD cables appear to be the same, pinouts of other LCD panels would work, just as I mentioned, some verification is needed on some pins.
X61s:L7500,4GB,128GB SSD,IPS
X32s:PM 758 LV CPU mod,2GB,64GB microSATA SSD,COM mod,IPS

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