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Killed my X200 Tablet (help)

X200, X201, X220 (including equivalent tablet models) and X300, X301 series specific matters only.
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Killed my X200 Tablet (help)

#1 Post by fthinkpad » Sat Dec 22, 2018 1:34 am

My x200t was working before I disassembled it. During re-assembly I (by accident) placed the metal plate shield thing (https://my.mixtape.moe/izqdih.png) OVER the display connector PCB (https://my.mixtape.moe/miermz.png). The only conductive points on the silkscreen would seem to be 2 test-points that come from rather thick traces. The computer was turned on 1 or 2 times in this state, it seemed to start normally but the screen was completely dark.

I have since rectified this misplacement and in-fact disassembled and re-assembled the computer 2 times all while following the service manual. The first time it gave me a black screen and 1, 3, 3 error beeps, after I re-seated the RAM however it gave me 2 short beeps, Lenovo's website says that stands for check system board or check dimm. I've already re-seated the dimm multiple times and tried unplugging the CMOS battery.

As I've stated above I've disassembled everything and put it back together once already. I also wiped every connector with alcohol and dried it before re-inserting it. What could be the cause of the 2 beeps? I should also note that the screen shows the Thinkpad booting logo for 1/2 a second while booting, from the few times I've seen it it seems to be free of distortion, however it is quite dim. I'm pretty sure the screen is connected properly because of this.

I should note that I only disassembled it to replace its thermal paste, which I (think) I have done correctly. The board also sat outside the laptop WITHOUT its heatsink over the metal-back of the keyboard for 3-4 days. I do not think it was mishandled.

Do also note that having a hard-drive and/or a keyboard connected made no difference in this.

What can cause a BEEP BEEP error? How can I rectify it? I'd rather do everything in my power before having to replace the main board. Thank you.

I am 110% sure that the AC adapter was NOT plugged in during disassembly. But perhaps the bare-metal shield shorted things on the display connector (which is my current theory).

It was suggested to me that the culprit may be a blown backlight fuse. However I am not sure which fuse that is on my current board.

Would a blown backlight fuse give beep error codes? All manuals I can find tell me the code means check system board and/or dimm, not screen.

I should also mention that I have extensively smelled and inspected the various boards (what I can see of them anyways) for burns, found none.

I have checked for continuity across F1, F2 and F7. Only the last one (F7) did not have continuity.

This is consistent with what I found here: http://racecar56.no-ip.org:81/wiki/arti ... tbacklight

However, nowhere is beeping mentioned in that article. I should also mention the beeping exists EVEN if the screen is disconnected.

Should my next course of action be shorting F7? Are there other fuses I can check? Is F7 even the right fuse? Would a blown F7 even cause the Thinkpad to beep? Thank you.

EDIT: I've done a test where I disconnected the CMOS and the display then started up the computer, no error codes were beeped.

Then I connected the display, it took a moment but then the screen flashed and sure enough.. BEEP BEEP.

The display reports to the main board that the fuse's blown. This is consistent with this schematic I found that shows no way in which the board can detect the state of the fuse... https://my.mixtape.moe/zbkllt.png

I should also add VINT20 measures 20.0 volts, which seems fine.

I think I have it mostly figured out now, I'll probably either find a replacement fuse or just short it out.

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