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X220 Windows 10 TrackPoint (UltraNav) both scroll & middle click w/o TPMiddle possible?

X200/X201/X220 (including equivalent tablet models) and X300/X301 series specific matters only.
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X220 Windows 10 TrackPoint (UltraNav) both scroll & middle click w/o TPMiddle possible?

#1 Post by 31336 » Tue Sep 03, 2019 9:57 am

Has anyone been able to make both scrolling and middle-click work with just the Synaptics driver, without resorting to TPMiddle or any other third-party software? If yes, please post your driver version and any changes from the default settings you made.

To clarify, what I have in mind is the driver-controlled scrolling, where a rectangular bar shows up next to the mouse cursor, not the "smooth scrolling" enabled with a middle-click, where a separate circle appears on the screen, only available in some applications.
  1. With no Synaptics driver installed (that is, the generic msmouse.inf driver), middle-click works but there is no scrolling (predictably, since it's a driver feature).
  2. Once the Synaptics driver is installed, no middle-click events are sent any longer.
  3. Middle-click works again while TPMiddle is running.
The question is: can step (3) be replaced with the right combination of settings for the driver itself?

I checked that the middle-click does not work out of the box with any of the following driver versions: (6HGX58WW), (6HGX81WW), (6HGX82WW), 16.2.21 & (both non-ThinkPad), (N10GW27W), (also non-TP), (N2IST04W), and the latest (GGGR06WW).

I tried playing with some driver settings:
  • These flags are already set to 0x1214, changing them makes scrolling not work:

    Code: Select all

    ; 0x1214: Middle button works for scrolling (can do both with TP Middle)
    ; 0x2214: Middle button works as middle click (disable scrolling),
    ; equivalent to enabling "Smooth Scrolling" via the UI
    ; 0x4214: Middle button works as magnifying glass (?)
  • This also has no effect but I believe changing the value here somehow could be part of the solution, maybe in conjuction with MiddleButtonPlugIn and MiddleButtonPlugInActionID:

    Code: Select all

    ; Or, depending on the driver version:
    ; 0x0: Default
    ; 0x4: Mentioned in some discussion but doesn't seem to change anything
  • Code: Select all

    ; Should show complete scrolling options but does not seem 
    ; to take effect in newer driver versions
  • Code: Select all

    ; 0x5: Newest drivers
    ; 0x1: Older drivers
    ; Unset in really old drivers
Some other observations:
  • Older driver versions do not support scrolling in Modern UI applications, and since these include the Windows 10 Start Menu, it would make the whole endeavor of using them moot even if middle-click worked. However, I was hoping to find the settings in control of the middle click and apply them to a newer version.
  • TPMiddle 0.7 does not seem to work for me (only 0.6)
  • I also haven't found a way of hiding the scroll cursor through the registry settings. Neither of the following settings does the trick:

    Code: Select all

    ; Should disable the scroll cursor (but does not seem to work)

    Code: Select all

    ; 10: Supposed to stop the scrolling cursor from appearing momentarily
    ; 11: Default
Earlier discussion, somewhat related: TPMiddle is just 11 kB and does an excellent job, especially considering how long ago it's been written, so I've basically decided to stop actively looking for an alternate solution but if it's possible to accomplish the same with just the driver settings I'd really be curious to know how.
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