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T420 with some big combination of LCD parts.

T400/410/420 and T500/510/520 series specific matters only
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T420 with some big combination of LCD parts.

#1 Post by Thinkpad4by3 » Sat Dec 09, 2017 4:26 pm

Ok, could I frankenstein something together working with the following parts?

T420 base w/ 768p panel
T430s 1600x900 panel
T410 LCD cable 1280x800p (tested to work on T430s panel)
Probably should be Thinkpad16by10.

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Re: T420 with some big combination of LCD parts.

#2 Post by TPFanatic » Sat Dec 09, 2017 5:40 pm

Assuming pinouts are all the same:

I highly doubt that the T410's 1280x800 1 channel 6 bit cable will work with the T430s' 1600x900 2 channel 6 bit panel. You'd get the same display errors as using a T420's HD cable with an HD+ panel.

If it works 100%, all the pixels and colors look correct, then it's possible you actually have a T410's 1440x900 2 channel 6 bit cable, which would drive the T430s' 1600x900.

If you need a cheap 2 channel 6 bit cable from a fast-shipping domestic seller look into getting a T410s cable, because all T410s' used 1440x900 2 channel 6 bit LCDs and the connectors at the motherboard and the LCD are the same as the normal T420 / T430 panels. You will have to modify the tape going around the T410s' cable to get it routed correctly to fit in a T420, but it should be possible without mangling the wires.

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