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T400-6475 LCD Flicker

Posted: Sat Nov 09, 2019 4:11 pm
by kjiwa
Hello. I'm new to the forums, but not (too) new to ThinkPad ownership. I have a T400-6475 that has been having some screen flicker issues lately. For a while the screen would flicker until I found a "sweet spot" where the display would remain stable. But now I can't find that sweet spot anymore and graphics output is barely visible. I'm trying to determine what the issue is, the correct replacement FRUs, and whether it's worth trying to repair.

My primary questions are:

1. Is it the cable or the LCD screen itself? I'm leaning towards it being the cable assembly.
2. I downloaded the HMM and found a couple of FRUs. Is FRU 44C5365 the correct cable assembly? And is FRU 42T0623 the correct panel?

I also have some ancillary questions:

1. Is it possible to upgrade the display panel to one with an LED? If so, what are some good resources for doing that?
2. This is more of a subjective question, but is it worth replacing the unit with another one (from eBay or somewhere else)? I've been considering a T430 there seem to be a lot of resources for upgrading them.

Thank you.