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Trackpad Lower Button Repair

Posted: Sat Mar 09, 2019 12:26 pm
by Omineca
This isn't really an R500-specific post, but since I did it on my R500, I'm posting it here.

The left click button on my trackpad was wearing out (losing it's clickiness and also getting less responsive) but the right button was fine.

So I popped the palmrest this morning and removed the lower button unit from the trackpad (there is a ribbon cable with a flip up to release connector).

If you gently pry up on the outer edges of the button caps, you can remove them.


**Watch how the metal bars are installed underneath as you remove the button caps. You only get two chances to observe their placement.**

There is a small rubber contact actuator piece underneath each cap that can be switched from one button to the other. If you switch them, the left key will become clicky and the right will be your 'mushy' one. That's what I've done for now. I'm tempted to check whether the rubber dome actuators in the upper buttons are the same size, since I never use them and they feel like they're brand new. A task for another day.

Reinstallation of the button caps is tricky. Put the long bar in place on the lower half. The shorter U-shaped bar should be connected to the button cap and angled into it's slots in the lower half. Then push down and everything should click into place. I wish I had taken pictures, although doing so would have been very difficult, given that it's a really finicky job.