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You may find this amusing...

R400/R500 series specific matters only
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You may find this amusing...

#1 Post by 28CarsLater » Tue Apr 14, 2020 9:17 am

While bro and I took my mother on vacation in 2014, she was complaining to me how he was stingy on sharing his Dell laptop with her (he lived there at the time). So when we got back I ordered her an R500, myself having bought one earlier in the year, for maybe $60 + shipping or somesuch. It came with everything including memory, hard drive, and adapter the catch being it was a Celeron. I installed Win7 x64 and presented it to her as a surprise just after her birthday. Flash forward to Thanksgiving of 2019, I notice the R500 still in the last place I saw it covered in dust. I ask my mother when was the last time she used it, which turned out to be "years ago", as she like'd bro's Dell because it was "set up the way she understood" which I suspect means USB wireless mouse. So I took it back and tossed it on my pile here at the house not knowing what to do with it.

So over ten years ago I built half an R61 from parts (all the LCDs were smashed so I ripped the whole top off), and used it as a pre-Netflix era media server. I brought it out of retirement because it had several hundred gigs free on its large for the time hard drive, but the fan finally died in December and after going through two different purchased fans which were advertised as fitting the R61 15.4 and *not* being the correct size, it hit me I could just use the R500. So after popping its 80G drive out and the R61's in, and repairing Win 2003, it was up and running on the R500.

Since the 80G had a version of Win7 configured how I like it, I started using it to work on or troubleshoot other machines, specifically an R61i 14in I am putting together. I ran CrystalDiskInfo on the R61 last night and noticed the 80G drive had about 1,000 total power on hours. Since it came from the R500, that means the $60 machine was near new/barely used when I bought it. That put a smile on my face :)
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Re: You may find this amusing...

#2 Post by axur-delmeria » Tue Apr 14, 2020 9:30 am

Undying Thinkpads. 8)
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