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Advice regarding W700

W500/510/520 and W700/710 series specific matters only
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Advice regarding W700

#1 Post by as.nielo » Wed Mar 07, 2018 3:33 pm

Hi, weeks ago I got a second hand w700ds. Loaded with Q9300, colorimeter and digitizer... I’ve been looking for one like this for some time. I took it home and put extra 4 gigs of RAM from my old x201, replaced hitachi drive with an SSD. Then I did a fresh install of 7 pro and most recent updates.

After successful installation and dloading recent drives via Lenoo Systemupdate I’ve step upon problems with getting the digitizer driver to work. Everytime I tried to install it the BSOD happened blaming digimon.sys for some funny numbers. The solution was to install driver in safe mode, and to use the downloaded exe, not the installer files that were already extracted to c:\DRIVERS\. For some reason the folder structure was alerted after first install atempt.

Pantone sensor also gave me some troubles but after few reinstalls the original app started to work. If the results are too green or too red or too whatsover repeat the process and do cover your laptop with something, there should be no a single ray of outside light disturbing the calibration.

The second screen works nice providing me with extra space, it’s perfect for reading documentats or ebooks or as extra space for tools and drawers from design apps like adobe cc.

I’m posting this in case someone had to cope with similiar problem and may find this useful. What follows is the stuff I don’t like about this Thinkpad

Today I’ve got a new battery and to my dissapointment the machine shuts down while running power hungry apps. I did a test with Skyrim and it went down, after powering up it wouldn’t load Windows unless pluged to AC. The original battery could handle games but was just a few minutes of power. This one gives me 2hrs of worktime (tested with InDesign) but the game killed it. Could someone explain this symptoms? Should I send the battery back?

There are barely noticable beeps during POST and I have no idea what do they mean. I suspected bad battery but seems its something else.

Last thing, I’ve checked the signs and there is nothing broken on the backside so I think it is not the unit stolen from one of fellows here. I may run diskanalyzer to check for files from previous owner but without signatures or filetypes there is not much to do. In case you read it and wish to check tell me what kind of files to expect on your installation, I can look for them. Actually I may do it anyway in search for personal jpgs and docs stuff of someone else :)

Thats it, I hope someone will provide me with answers. Greetings

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